Kashmir Solidarity Day Observed

Kashmir Solidarity Day

HYDERABAD: Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed here like whole Pakistan to express solidarity with Kashmiris who are struggling for the achievement of their inalienable right of self-determination guaranteed by United Nations.

Kashmir is Pakistan’s lifeline, respiratory cord, and inseparable identity. We are in absolute solidarity with people of Kashmir and unflinchingly believe in their undeniable right to freedom. India must not suppress their right of self-determination. We salute the sacrifices rendered by People of Kashmir in their selfless struggle for independence, said VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat; while he led a rally taken out at SU main campus at Jamshoro yesterday as a mark of Varsity’s solidarity with Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Pro-Vice-Chancellors of various SU campuses, deans, academic and administrative heads, faculty, officers, employees, male and female students and masses from suburbs participated in the rally.

The rally commenced at the mausoleum of Allama I. I Kazi and culminated at the Varsity’s central library, where the vice-chancellor Dr. Burfat addressed the participants of the rally. “We have taken out this rally today to categorically express to our Kashmiri brothers and sisters that we at the University of Sindh in particular and as a nation, in general, are with them no matter what. We second and support their just struggle for what we believe is their due and irrefutable prerogative”, said Dr. Burfat.

The participants of the rally carried banners and placards with pro-Kashmir slogans inscribed on them. They also chanted deafening, excited and poignant slogans that included statements like ‘ Kashmir shall become Pakistan’, ‘ Our struggle will continue till the day Kashmir is liberated’, ‘ Kashmir wants freedom’, ‘ Pakistan’s respiratory cord Kashmir’, ‘ Stop atrocities against people of Kashmir’ and ‘ We are with you our brothers and sisters’.

A rally was taken out by Information department led by divisional director Zahid Mustafa Memon. Rally was also joined by deputy director Shahzad Shaikh, Information Officer Muhammad Yakoob, Rafiq Solangi, Muhammad Khan and other staff of information department.

Various parties and organizations took out big rallies chanting slogans Kashmir Banega Pakistan. These include Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (Noorani), Jamat Islami, PPP, National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony, Pakistan Muslim League (N), Govt secondary teachers association, Tehrik Insaf and others. JUP rally was led by Dr. Younis Danish, PPP’s led by Mir Balach Khan Talpur, Rasool Bux Samon led rally of NPCIH, Hanif Siddiqui and Abdu Wahid Inqilabi led PML rally. Speakers lamented that since last 70 years Kashmiris were undergoing atrocities and tyrannies of Indian army during which thousands were martyred and a thousand others injured. They said it was duty of UNO to implement its resolution awarding self-determination to Kashmiris suffering under Indian held Kashmir at hands of occupying Indian forces. They said Kashmir was an inalienable part of Pakistan. They vowed to continue support for Kashmiri brethren. The participants of each rally were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against India and in support of Kashmiris. They condemned tyrannies of Indian forces on Kashmiris and asked UNO to taken notice of it and award self-determination right to Kashmiris.


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