Apple Music Converter Gives Your More Freedom Over Your Music

Apple Music Converter Gives Your More Freedom Over Your Music

What makes the world go round? Is it love? Money? Fame? No, it’s something that transcends all of this and makes these things worth having. What can that be? Music. No matter what you’re going through, how good or bad your life is, music can make things seem just a little bit better. And the best way to enjoy music is to have it with you at all times. How do you do that? By adding it to your phone so you can take your favorite songs everywhere you go. But, that means having the songs in a format that is compatible with your phone and doesn’t take up much space. So, when you need to convert a song to such a format, you use TuneFab’s Apple Music Converter, which is available online.

Apple Music Converter is an Apple Music DRM removal software that is both efficient and reliable when it comes to converting songs and audiobooks to an appropriate format. What this means is that you can convert all your MP4 songs and AA/AAX audiobooks to an AC3, MP3, FLAC, or AIFF format. You can convert all the music you have purchased through Apple Music or the iTunes Store and play it on any non-Apple device you want. Furthermore, when you convert an audiobook to an MP3/M4A format, you can retain the chapter information. That’s not all, you can also extract audio from an iTunes video with high quality and even higher speeds.

Furthermore, the Apple Music Converter has a unique option that other music converters seldom have; the ability to edit the metadata of your songs. This includes being able to edit the ID3 tags of the files, such as the name of artist, song, album, etc. To top it all off, the converter boasts conversion speeds of 16X, which can save you plenty of time when you try to convert music for some easy listening.

Like any other software, the Apple Music Converter does have its flaws. For instance, there is no multilingual support; you can only use the software if you speak and understand the English language. The user interface is simple and easy; it integrates the iTunes playlist into the software, making it easier for beginners. The best thing about Apple Music Converter is that you can check out all the features with the free trial version and buy it if you like it.

Overall, TuneFab’s Apple Music Converter is the one product you absolutely need to make sure you never miss out on great songs in your phone. So, go ahead and download it from here to begin converting and listening to all your favorite songs!


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