Asteroid “could end human civilization” approaching earth and photographed

asteroid approaching earth

The rock should pass “close” to Earth on April 29. But it poses no danger.

As if our Earth planet did not already have enough problems with the coronavirus, here we are again talking about the famous asteroid 52768, or 1998 OR2.

This had been presented a few weeks ago by the Daily Express as having the capacity to “put an end to human civilization”. This is true, because its size is around 4.1 km in diameter and a shock with our blue planet would not leave anyone a chance.

Except that, if the beast should pass “close” to Earth on April 29, there is absolutely no risk that it will get into it. According to expert estimates, the asteroid will approach 0.04205 AU from Earth. One astronomical unit is the average distance from our planet to the sun, or about 150 million kilometers.

In short, don’t panic. Nevertheless, 1998 OR2, which had been classified as a “potentially dangerous” near-Earth object, is getting closer, and it has even been photographed.

According to Dmitri Liachko, astrophysicist at the Vernadski Federal University of Crimea, the asteroid may even be visible using binoculars when it passes on April 29.

NASA recently confirmed that the asteroid is being tracked and that there is nothing to fear about it.


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