No distributor but companies to directly set up their stalls in Ramadan Bazars, 20% discount on all items will be offered: DG PFA

Noor ul Ameen Mengal

LAHORE: DG Food Authority Noor ul Ameen Mengal met the representatives of all food industries associations in Punjab Food Authority Headquarter. Minister of Planning & Chairman Ramadan Bazars, Malik Nadeem Kamran, was also present in the meeting here on Monday.

DG PFA directed all the representatives of food industry to put up their stalls in Ramadan Bazars across the city. He further maintained, companies must put up their stalls instead of their distributors. Stalls of all the necessary food items will be put up along with milk, spices, meat, ghee and cooking oil. DG PFA indicated that stalls accommodated directly by the companies will help maintain quality and low cost of the food items. He also added that the food items will be sold at least 20 percent less than the original price. Moreover, sale of these food items will be limited and only available to the general public so that hoarders can’t get their hands on them. Futrthermore, it is Punjab Food Authority’s mission to ensure safe and hygienic food, he added.

While talking to the participants, Mr. Nadeem Kamran praised the plans of Punjab Food Authority. He further added that under the supervision of DG PFA, Food Safety Teams are already very diligent. He iterated that direct involvement of companies in food stalls of their products will help lower the prices in Ramadan Bazars. Mr. Nadeem ensured food industry representatives of complete cooperation from the district and Ramadan Bazar management.


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