Win $100 gift card by filling Regal Entertainment Group Survey

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Don’t miss chance to win $100 gift card!!! Nothing to do much but to fill the regal entertainment group survey

Either you consider it worthless or waste of time, but do trust that your feedback is very important for Regal Entertainment Group. Because filling the Regal Entertainment Group Survey will aware the company about your issues and problems. An official site is available for you at Go to the site and share how your last experience with Regal Entertainment Group was!!

You must be thinking that why such surveys are conducted!! Right? Customers need improved standard of services whenever they visit your place. Receiving the same level of services would make them bored. Companies need to serve the customers in the way they want so that they make repeat visits. Customer’s feedback is the way that tells the companies about the likes and dislikes and satisfaction standard. Now you must have understood the purpose of surveys. Get some time from your busy schedule and guide what and how you want to be served!!


It was 1989, when this American film theater chain was founded. This theater has been headquartered in Halls Crossroads in Tennessee. Currently this entertainment group has been operating about 7,307 screens in 564 different theaters across the United States.

regal entertainment group


Being the loyal customers of regal you owe a duty, to play your role for bringing the positive changes and making the improvements in the services. It’s true that you must be very busy, but do get some time from your busy schedule and guide us how can we serve you better!!!

Survey will take much time, hardly 5 to 6 minutes. Regal values your time and your concerns and as regard of your time, it offers you chance to enter into sweepstakes for $100 Regal Entertainment Gift Card.

What else regal could do to show its love for all its loyal customers!!


Filling the survey will require you to meet some conditions first. If you pass through those conditions then you will be eligible to fill the survey and get entered into sweepstakes for $100 Regal Entertainment Gift Card. Check your criteria from the given points:

  • There must be Regal Entertainment Group store receipt with you.
  • You must be age of to conduct the survey.
  • You must be the legal resident of United States.

If you meet the above criteria then you are not far away from your $100 gift card. Have access to any electronic device like computer laptop or mobile phone with uninterrupted internet connection and start the process.


  • To start the Regal Entertainment Group Survey, you have to go to the following site:
  • Survey is available in English as well as Spanish language. Select the language that suits you more. For Spanish language go to the Espanol option on the bottom of the page.
  • A code will be printed on the receipt. Enter that code from the receipt.

  • Here, give honest and meaningful answers to all the questions. Make sure that your answers guide the company what improvements you want in your next visit.
  • Give your contact number and some personal information so that you could be notified for sweepstakes purpose.
  • When you’re done with all, submit your survey.


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