Break in attempt at Avenfield apartment. Formal complaint lodged against PTI

London: Concerned over alleged break in attempt at Avenfield apartment, Sharif family has approached London police, tell the sources. The family strongly believes that the PTI activists tried to break into Hassan Nawaz’s house a couple of days ago and thus; a formal complaint has now been lodged against several PTI individuals.

Police sources informed that they have been provided with all the photographic evidence of vandalism, property damage with the video footage clearly showing the said individuals participating in acts of violence. The present situation has posed security threats to the Sharif family and ailing Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, suggests the complaint as some protesters even tried to enter into her hospital room, unauthorized and without any clearance.

According to the sources, the Sharif family demands London police to take immediate action in this regard as incidents of clashes between the PTI and PML-N supporters are increasing; they even clashed on late Monday evening, right outside the Avenfield apartment.

As PTI supporters chanted slogans against Nawaz Sharif, PML-N supporters returned the out-lash by chanting against Imran Khan instead and as a result; a brawl between the arch rivals started that ended on arrests of at least two PTI workers. Little later, police also took the UK-based senior PML-N leader Nasir Butt into custody.

The situation thus prompts the Metropolitan Police to take control and not let the protesters come closer to the family’s apartment anymore. It is therefore, hoped that there would be no more unpleasant incident and disturbance in the area.

The Britain chapter of the PTI meanwhile, claimed that there’s no truth in the allegations against their party workers’ involvement in the violent acts or the alleged break-in attempts. One of the PTI representatives even condemned all the recent incidents and ongoing clashes between PML and PTI supporters.



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