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Shopping is an experience that almost all of us enjoy. Even if you don’t enjoy shopping, it is something you have to do every now and then. This is true no matter what you are buying, whether it’s for your home, your clothes, for your pet and arguably most importantly, shopping for your or your loved ones’ education. However, buying the products from this site don’t just let you leave with what you shopped for. If you are taking the Follett products, you should take part in the Follett Shopping Survey and register your feedback online, all by going up to the link


As a private company based within the United States, Follett emerged as an educational products retailer in 1973, more than 140 years ago. Since then, Follett has provided numerous students with college books, e-books, library, and educational software. Follet has grown and currently serves students around the world. Follett is based in Winchester and is headquartered in the same country that it is based. There are three units operating under Follett. These are the Higher Education Group, School Solutions, and International. The last one, Follett International, supplies all these products worldwide. This includes around 150 countries that are supplied with e-books and educational software.



Now that you know all about what Follett can serve to its customers around the world, here are some of the steps you will need to complete in order to submit the Follett Shopping Survey.

  • Switch on your computer and connect it to the Internet.
  • Now, go on to the website
  • From here, read the given information about the survey

  • Provide information including your Receipt Code, the date and time of your last visit.
  • Click the link ‘Start’ to begin taking the Follett Survey.
  • Answer questions about your experience, and give your detailed feedback.
  • Submit your responses in order to record them.


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