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The garden is an important part of the house and it needs to be cared for. With our hectic routines it becomes hard to look after the plants and shrubbery. At times the weather, pests or neglect causes great damage to the lawn and in these situations you need to call in a professional. Leisure Lawn is one business that is proficient in these services and helps their clients restore their garden to its original state. They want to know if customers are satisfied with their services and this is why the Leisure Lawn Survey is available to all on www.leisurelawn-hortsurvey.com

This survey is unfortunately no longer available.

Leisure Lawn


Leisure Lawn has a number of programs to suit the varying needs of their customers. Their draw lawn care can strengthen the plants at the roots and help build a nutrient-rich soil that promotes fauna growth. They also pull out the weeds and apply products that help the lawn grow well.

Other services include maintaining the trees and shrubs so that the lawn looks tamed and well-cared for. The services are available all year round and they help in pruning, fertilization, mulching and pest control. The company has offices all over the United States and they have specific plans according to the climate and soil of each location.



In order to take the Leisure Lawn Survey you must have certain things and fulfil particular criteria. First of all the person taking the survey has to be 18 years of age. They must also have a stable internet connection and an electronic device that can connect them to the website. You will be needed a survey invitation code from the Leisure Lawn receipt or invoice.


  1. Open the Leisure Lawn Survey website leisurelawn-hortsurvey.com
  2. Fill in the details of the services you received from them
  3. Answer questions rating your level of satisfaction with their services
  4. Submit the survey once you are done.


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