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Tex-Mex is the next step in evolution for two very diverse kinds of foods – by mixing the classic American and the traditional Mexican cuisine. This results in the creation of something completely new, and absolutely delicious. While Tex-Mex is popular in the United States, within the UK, it is also gaining popularity. One of the best know restaurants serving Tex-Mex in the UK is the Chiquito Restuarant Bar and Mexican Grill. If you recently visited Chiquito for their delicious food, you must have opinions on it. Take part in the Chiquito survey right now at the link www.aboutmyvisit.co.uk.

About Chiquito Restaurant Bar and Mexican Grill

In the year 1989, the first restaurant for Chiquito opened up in the United Kingdom. Since then, the Chiquito Mexican Grill has seen steady growth in the country. As part of the parent company, the Restuarant Group. The company now has more than 68 restaurants around the country. The inside of each outlet is decorated to fit within the Mexican theme. This includes various themed Mexican posters, pinatas, sombreros as well as other items belonging to traditional Mexican Culture. When it comes to music, the restaurant plays Spanish music in general.

The step by step process of taking part in the Chiquito Survey

Now that you can get started on taking the survey, here are the steps needed to complete it successfully.

  1. Switch on your computer or electrical device.
  2. Connect your device to the Internet.
  3. Open up this link within your browser: www.aboutmyvisit.co.uk
  4. Once the page loads, what you see is the Chiquito Survey.
  5. Refer to your receipt from Chiquitos for information.
  6. Select the restaurant you visited from the drop-down list.
  7. Enter in the Date of your last visit.
  8. Choose the Time of the day when you visited last.
  9. Click ‘Continue to Survey’.
  10. Give information about your last visit, and then rate the restaurant based on how satisfied you are.
  11. Make sure to submit your responses.

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