147 profiteers fined in Karachi

Karachi map

KARACHI: A total of 147  cases for violating the official price lists were registered on Thursday in the city of Karachi. Those who found violating the prices fixed by the city administration, as well as the market committee, were brought to book in which eleven violators were arrested and sent to jail and more than Rs five lac and eleven thousand were fined.

According to the details 16 milk sellers, 42 fruit sellers, 23 vegetable sellers 19 meat sellers, 23 poultry sellers and 7 sellers of  bakery items were fined respectively of Rs one lac and six thousand, more than one lac 19 thousand,  more than 32 thousand, more than 89 thousand, more than 96 thousand, and more than 49 thousand. Those who were sent to jail included four fruit sellers, four poultry seller and three sellers of bakery items.

Commissioner karachi Iftikhar Shallwani has asked all the deputy commissioners to monitor closely the peformance of magistrates engaged in the price control campaign and ensure that all food items are available to people on fixed prices. He further asked that  and those who were  found  violating the price lists should be brought them to book.

Action should be taken according to the law and no leniency should be shown to any violator of the lists of the prices fixed by the city administration to provide the relief to the people during the holy month of Ramzan, he added.


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