Basil And Its Top Ten Health Benefits

benefits of basil

Basil is a seasoning herb that is consumed in cooking foods. It is highly fragrant and famous herb that is recognized due to its different health benefits. Basil leaves and flowers are rich in various chemical components which promote health and also prevent disease. Some other properties of this herb include antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. All these nutrients are considered very important for the overall health growth.

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Basil

Following are the top ten health benefits of basil.

Treats Common Colds

Basil leaves are the good dealer of common cold and fever. Chew some fresh basil leaves from flu and colds. If there is the risk of dengue fever or malaria, add it to your habit to consume tender leaves of basil after getting boiled in water.

Relieves Cough

It is also one of the healing ingredients in expectorants and cough syrups. Instead of buying it, you can easily make it a home remedy. Add f5 cloves and 8 basil leaves in the cup of water and boil it for ten minutes. Optionally you can add some salt to taste. Drink if after getting cold.

Boost Immune System

Basil leaves are very supportive for boosting your immune system. Basil leaves are rich in different chemical compounds that will enhance your body’s production of infection-fighting antibodies by up to 20%.

Stress Buster

Basil leaves are also known as the anti-stress agent. Basil leaves consumption gives protection against stress. If you feel any stress, chew 10 to 12 leaves twice a day, to stop developing stress-related disorders and feeling stressed. It also purifies your blood.

Improves Vision

Basil leafs are highly rich in vitamin A as if you just eat 100 grams of basil leaves (fresh) then it will fulfill the deficiency of required amount of vitamin A on daily basis. Vitamin A is essentially required for healthy vision and also contain has antioxidant properties. It could be used as an effective remedy for night-blindness and sore eyes that is commonly caused by Vitamin A deficiency.

Prevents Acne

It is one of the great remedial herbs that speed up the healing process of acne lesions and also prevents acne outbreaks. Apply basil leaves to the affected area if you already going through acne problem.

Enhances Oral Health

Apart from the other benefits, Basil is good for oral health too. It can fight off pyorrhoea, bad breath, and different periodontal diseases. Dry some basil leaves in the sun for one or two days. Make powder of the dried leaves and use it for teeth brush. And if you need a dentist, check out this dental clinic located in NC.

Eliminates Kidney Stones

Basil leaves place huge impacts on the kidney functioning. For enhancing the overall kidney functioning, consume almost 5 to 6 fresh basil leaves on empty stomach with water.

Cures Stomach Problems

Basil leaves work great for the digestive system. If you have stomach cramps or aches, extract the basil juice from basil leaves, mix 1 teaspoon of ginger and basil juice and drink it.

Relieves Headache

Basil is the great ingredient for different medicines as it works like the muscle relaxant. Mix sandalwood paste with pounded basil leaves and put it on your forehead. It will give you instant relief.


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