Every Hour of TV Watching Shortens Your Life

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Do we realize ever that we are spending the major portion of our lives in front of a TV and watching videos on our smartphones!! Are you still not sure about this fact, just get a calculator and start counting the hours and then face the reality!!Every Hour of TV Watching Shortens Your Life

If we make the very conservative estimate, we spend about 1865 hours per year or 37,303 hours in 20 years. About 4.25 years of our lives glued in front of the TV. Don’t you think you can utilize those hours in some worth full activity! Like, increase you learning about cooking!! Doing exercising! Impacting your friend’s lives by socializing! Doing a part-time job!! Renewing your relationship spiritually!!

TV Watching Addiction Harms Kids in Other Ways

There is another worst picture regarding our children. We do not pay attention and due to our carelessness children have become so addicted to TV and even mobiles phones. 900 hours of their year are spent in school. But in comparison with School, they are keener of watching TV and get more education from the TV! Total 1200 hours per year are spent in front of TV by children’s. Let’s just analyze the side effects of this addiction! Don’t you think this attachment of TV has impacted their interaction level with parents? Obviously yes!! As per experts and even by evidence you can judge that 54% of 4 to 6-year-olds would prefer to watch TV rather than sitting with parents. This space with parents then continues throughout their lives!!

Are you still confused then notice your children’s routine for about a week and you will get the answer!!

Every Hour of TV Watching Shortens Your Life

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How Excess TV Watching Affects Your Health

Same is the case with other countries too!! In Australia, researchers got shocked by this problem when they realized that how excess watching of television contributed to a loss of health. An intense statement was concluded that “your life expectancy falls by 21.8 minutes for every hour of television you watch (if you’re over the age of 25). In simple translation, it will cut about 5 years from your life.

You must be thinking that how this addiction affects your health? Does it contribute to too much sitting time and too little exercise? Your sitting postures also matter especially when you sit without any support from the modern day furniture. It affects your spine. This is the reason that Americans will have back pain!!

Is Television Watching Harming Your Brain?Every Hour of TV Watching Shortens Your Life

It’s not yet over! There is also another major impact of this habit. That is directly linked to your brain. It could be understood by the concept called as neuroplasticity. This concept states that your brain adopts what happens in your environment. Your brain neurons are being pruned constantly which allow this adaptation. So you watch shows focusing on murders, alcohols, liars, adultery, and gamblers. The mindset that allows one gender to gamble via ceme online yet it’s still ok is equally responsible.  We have all altogether had our influence in murdering the little holy messenger. The more you get familiar with these negative behaviors the larger chances are you will become desensitized to them. Because it is how the brain works!!!


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