Top 10 Stretch Mark Myths Debunked

Stretch Mark Myths

Stretch marks or also known as striae in medical terms. Striae or stretch marks are white, smooth, scar- such as lesions that normally occur because of rapid skin stretching. Usually, stretch marks develop during sudden weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and adolescence.

Here are the top 10 myths about stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Myths Debunked

Stretch marks occur only in women

Stretch marks start appearing on your body due to break elastin fibers beneath your skin. This breakage occurs due to rapid stretching over the short period. Pregnancy is one of major reason. Some others main reasons are sudden gain or loss in weight or growth spurts during puberty.

Stretch marks are caused only by stretching of skin

Generally, it happens due to elevated levels hormones and glucocorticoids. This hormonal growth increase due to adrenal gland in bodybuilding, rapid weight loss or weight, puberty, and pregnancy.

Stretch marks only occur on the stomach

One of the common and vulnerable locations for stretch marks is the stomach. Due to pregnancy, they can also appear on some other parts too like thighs, buttocks, upper arms, calves, knee creases and elbow.

Losing weight will help you get rid of stretch marks

Generally, they are caused by overstretching and thinning of the middle layer of skin. Losing weight will not bring it back to its original condition. In case of fresh stretch marks, exercise would be of great use.

Skinny people cannot get stretch marks

Often stretch marks redeveloped due to genetic or hormonal factors. Teenagers and pre-teens can get stretch marks due to many hormonal changes irrespective of weight.

Stretch marks do not change color

Initially, Stretch marks appear as pink-red or reddish-brown lines. Actually, it is the color of blood vessels that is appeared due tearing of dermis. The dermis is middle layer of times when the blood vessels contract, the reddish streaks convert into the silver of white lines. This may get fade over time.

Tanning removes stretch marks

Tanning does not eliminate the stretch marks completely, it just converts them. Sometimes it can even make the stretch marks to appear worse mainly those who are already in white. After tanning mature silvery-white colored stretch marks becomes even more visible.

Health insurance covers treatments for stretch marks

Stretch marks are generally the cosmetics concern and also pose any risk to health. So any heavy treatments like microdermabrasion, laser surgery, and some other cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by any health insurance.

Stretch marks can be eliminated completely

Stretch marks can be lightened and fade with some remedial measures and specific treatments. But it is not possible to eliminate them properly. No matters how expensive treatment you adopt. Even laser therapy has not succeeded in removing the stretch marks completely.

Eating a good diet and drinking adequate water have no effect on stretch marks

Stretch Mark Myths Debunked

The nutritious diet rich in zinc, protein and vitamin C improves the production of collagen and helps your skin rejuvenation that keeps your skin firm. In addition to this, drinking 8 to 10 glass of water on the daily basis can facilitate in preventing stretch marks from occurring. As skin’s elasticity can be improved due to adequate hydration with the consumption of water.


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