Top 10 Super foods to Lower High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

Hypertension is commonly known as high blood pressure and if not controlled can cause strokes and heart attacks. The range of high blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg or above. It is considered the silent killer as in most cases it does not cause any noticeable symptoms. There could be the number of reasons like stress, age, genetics, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption and excess salt intake. Control and manage all risk factors and check your blood pressure.Super foods to Lower High Blood Pressure


Lemon is the good source of antioxidant vitamin C that neutralize the dangerous effects of free radicals. It gives you better outcomes and lowers the high cholesterol, reduces the high blood pressure and overall improves the heart health.


Garlic is the great natural remedy that offers blood pressure lowering benefits. Garlic stimulates the nitric oxide production and relaxes the blood vessels. In returns, it lowers the blood pressure.


Banana is also effective in lowering the blood pressure. Its great remedial effect is due to high potassium content that lessens the sodium effect and also regulates the blood pressure.

Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)

Extra-virgin olive oil is the good source of antioxidants named ‘polyphenols’ that is very remedial in reducing the high blood pressure. It also protects protect LDL (“bad”) cholesterol from oxidation. It also improves the heart health due to monounsaturated fatty acids properties of olive oils.


Tomatoes are an important ingredient of a kitchen but also has great remedial effect in lowering the high blood pressure. It is the good source of carotenoids and lycopene that gives the antioxidant effects and help to fight the free radicals.


Apart from other remedial effects and benefits to our body, Blueberries are effective in high blood pressure too. Blueberries contain antioxidants that assist in improving and preventing the artery flexibility and controls the blood pressure.


Beetroot nitrates are converted into nitrites and then finally into a gas known as nitric oxide. It lowers the blood pressure and widens the arteries. It can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and some other cardiovascular issues. Regulate your blood pressure by drinking a glass of beet juice.


Potassium, nitrate, folate, magnesium, and antioxidants in spinach assist in reducing the high blood pressure. Make spinach a part of your diet by either adding it to soups, smoothies or salads.


Celery also aids in increasing the blood flow and reducing the blood pressure. It contains 3-N-butylphthalide which relaxes the tissues of the artery walls. For enjoying the health benefits of celery, add it to soup or salad. You can also eat four celery stalks daily.


Potatoes are also used for lowering the blood pressure. They are rich in phytochemicals that work effectively for your high blood pressure. Eat boiled or baked potatoes mainly the purple ones without adding margarine, butter or sour cream.Super foods to Lower High Blood Pressure


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