Cricket first, honeymoon can wait

Cricket first, honeymoon can wait

The official Twitter handle of the International Cricket Council (ICC) has shared the photograph of a Pakistani couple watching a T-20I match between Australia and Pakistan at their wedding. 

The ICC shared the information after the photograph and the letter were sent by the bridegroom Hasan Tasleem, living in USA. 

Speaking exclusively over telephone from some undisclosed location, where the couple is on honeymoon, Hasan Tasleem, the Finance Analyst at Ford Motor Company (Troy, Michigan), said, “the support and openness shown by the game’s highest governing body is appreciable”. 

Interestingly, the Australian skipper, Aaron Finch also reacted after watching the hilarious photo. “Haha glad I played such a special part in your day!!”, he said. 

“It was also great for the Australian captain to extend his support for a fan and a cricket lover on this occasion…”,  Hasan Tasleem added. 

“Now I am just trying to enjoy the married life for now”, he signed off.


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