Every Bhutanese proud to have Virat Kohli and Anushka in Bhutan: Cricket Bhutan wants couple again to visit on Anushka’s birthday

Anushka Sharma chills in Bhutanese with Virat Kohli

A visit to Bhutan by a Team India captain Virat Kohli with his gorgeous wife Anushka Sharma has made their countrymen proud, according to Damber S Gurung, the first captain of the national team, who till last year was a coach and now the CEO, Bhutan Cricket Board.  

Speaking exclusively over telephone from Thimpu, he said, “Virat is a great cricketer and Anushka obviously a great actress and it makes every Bhutanese proud to have them in Bhutan”.  

“Well, it’s always a pleasure to see cricketers visiting this beautiful and scenic country. I am sure Virat and Anushka have enjoyed their trip and I am sure they will make a visit again”.

“The day they arrived in Paro, we started getting calls and messages. They are on a holiday and likely to leave Bhutan on Thursday. We intended them to invite for dinner but it could not happen because of their busy schedule. It was Virat’s birthday here and we want Anushka also celebrates her birthday (May 1) next year in Bhutan”. 

“Virat and Anushka were in Paro and I think they went for 8 hours hike there . During that time they happen to visit family of those people who could not recognize them. This family is staying in the mountain where walk track is situated”. 

Sachin’s visit
Incidentally, Virat is not the only high profile India cricketer who visited Bhutan. 

“I was lucky to meet living legend Sachin Sir during the UNICEF World Hand-wash Program in Thimphu, Bhutan. Sachin is a good ambassador for UNICEF and Bhutan Cricket is partnered with UNICEF and we conduct every year Health and social awareness program through cricket”,  Damber Gurung added further. 

“I also met Sachin and his family in London during ICC Annual Conference 2019. During the Gala Dinner we all were there together”, he signed off. 


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