Imran Khan urges world to wave off loans of developing nations

Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Tuesday predicted that the deadly coronavirus would destroy the economy of the developing countries.

In an interview to foreign news agency, the premier said that rich countries should wave off the loans of poor countries in order to curb the prevention of coronavirus.

“In case we get swamped by this virus, our health facilities will not be able to cope with it and it’s not just Pakistan. I would imagine the same in the Sub-Continent and African countries,” he added.

“We just don’t have much capability and resources. Because of the effect of the economic slowdown, my worry is poverty and hunger,” PM Imran further expressed his fear.

He also urged to lift sanctions in Iran as they are in terrible state due to coronavirus and the sanctions have already impoverished Iran.  


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