Yes, I am a Panther: Majid Haq

Majid Haq

Former Scotland off-spinner Majid Haq, who is being treated for COVID-19 has revealed why he is being known as Panther. 

“Looking forward to potentially getting back home today after testing positive with Coronavirus. Staff at the RAH in Paisley have been good to me & thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of support. Insha Allah the Panther will be back to full health soon.

covid19UK”, he tweeted on Friday afternoon. 

Speaking exclusively over telephone from Royal Alexandra Hospital in the Paisley area of Glasgow, he said, “it (the name Panther) was given to me by my Scottish teammates about 15 years ago and has stuck ever since”.
“My ex Scotland team Qasim Sheikh first came up with this name”.

“Well, it was many years ago – I think when we were about early 20s, we used to always wear dark sunglasses and have that dark Buffoon hairdo, always wearing fleeces, just dark lol, when the eyes came out I just always thought it was like you were a panther, so intense while you bowled also…”. 

About the current health situation, he says, “I wondered how I was affected with this virus…I am now aware whether I came in contacts with any person…but recovering well and hopefully will be out of the hospital soon”.

The 37-year-old bowler played 54 ODIs and 21 T-20Is and has grabbed more than 75 international wickets. 

The list of his victims includes big-name scalps like Graeme Smith, Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke and Kevin Pietersen.

Haq is an account graduate from the University of Paisley. 


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