Daria Rubchinskaya, 14, pregnant with her 10-year-old boyfriend: Very young influencer reveals her baby bump (photos)

Daria Rubchinskaya

Daria Rubchinskaya, a young Russian, was 13 years old when she became pregnant with her 10-year-old boyfriend. Since she revealed her pregnancy to the world, she has been trying to build an influencer career. A few days ago, she posted a photo of her baby bump on Instagram, she who is now 20 weeks pregnant.

Their story had created a buzz on the internet. Ivan, a 10-year-old Russian boy, claimed to have pregnant Daria, his 13-year-old girlfriend at the time. A few months later, still pregnant, the teenager took advantage of the buzz created by her improbable pregnancy to become an influencer. Now 14, she shares her life, her relationship with Ivan and her pregnancy on her Instagram page.

Last week, the teenager posted a photo of her baby bump, explaining in parallel that she was determined to raise the child despite her young age, having already decided that she would give birth by cesarean. On Instagram, the girl has more than 87,000 subscribers who follow this exceptional pregnancy with attention.

A 10 year old dad? Seriously.

But some doctors believe that it is simply impossible that Daria became pregnant with such a young boy. Dr. Evgeny Grekov, who examined Ivan, said, “He can’t have sperm, he’s still a child. We have checked everything in the laboratory three times and the results are clear, it is impossible.”


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