Indian attack cannot be ruled out: AJK president

Sardar Masood Khan

MUZAFFARABAD: The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has said that the Indian attack on Azad Kashmir cannot be ruled out as is being publicly threatened by the Indian political and military officials including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his defense minister in their press conferences.

“We are prepared and the armed forces of Pakistan are prepared, the nation of Pakistan and people in Azad Kashmir are prepared to frustrate any evil designs of India,” he underlined.

In an interview with Anadolu news agency of Turkey, the AJK president said that side by side with the threats of the Indian rulers to attack the liberated territory, we see that 900,000 Indian troops are busy in massacring the Kashmiri youth in the held territory.

He said that the occupation the army has stepped up violations of the ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control, and now a campaign based on false allegations has been launched to create an environment of war against Pakistan.

“There are some rumblings that India is planning something. It has been killing Kashmiris since January this year. But after COVID-19 it accelerated the pace of killings of young men. They have accelerated the ceasefire violations, and they have started crafting lies.”

AJK President rejected Indian allegations against Pakistan about the launching of any militant outfit to fight the Indian Army in occupied Kashmir,” he said and spurned the Indian allegations about sending 350 militants in addition to 250 those already present in occupied Kashmir.

President Khan said that a few days ago the heads of Indian Army and its intelligence agency have met the Indian National Security Adviser and they have hatched a conspiracy against Pakistan.

Responding to a question, Sardar Masood Khan described as the worst madness and ridiculous the Indian allegation that Pakistan is intruding Covid-19 patients into occupied Kashmir. “This insane Indian allegation is laughable. They are saying that Pakistan is pushing some 10 COVID-19 patients to Azad Kashmir and then AJK is pushing these COVID-19 patients into the occupied territory. You cannot expect a COVID-19 patient travelling with a bunch of people and cross those high altitudes. And by the time they cross the fence and reach Kashmir, will they be in a position to play some role against those military divisions deployed there?

“This is a leaf directly taken from the Goebbels playbook, who was the propaganda minister of Hitler. And he had said that if you tell a lie frequently, people would start believing it. And this is what they are telling many other lies and the purpose is to convince their Hindutva zealots, that Muslims are up to no good that they even in these circumstances, they are trying to target the people of Jammu and Kashmir with a virus.” Khan asserted.

The AJK president said that the Indian rulers very stubbornly blame the Muslims for the spread of Coronavirus in India, therefore, the people should stay away from them,” he pointed out, and added that the Indian rulers are habitual of telling lies to hoodwink the international community.


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