Private education institutes are running out of resources

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In this time of lockdown, while the world is facing terrible circumstances, all government, and private colleges, schools are closed and consistent with things, it’s like this is often getting to expand the subsequent 2 to 3 months.

Although everyone and normal life is affected badly who do employment privately colleges and schools. Owners are suffering due to less recovery of fees by the parents because parents also are in difficult economic conditions.

Govt teachers and other staff getting salary as before lockdown but altogether this scenario federal or provisional govt has not shown his interest regarding private school colleges’ problems.

According to one school owner these are main expenditures and problems faced by private schools and colleges he said ” Actually govt is taking one side picture only, 2nd side is that parents aren’t paying fees, 10-20% fee recovery is there in every school, how its possible for anyone who is hardly managing its expenses in 100% fee, getting into detail 80% of faculties are taking fees 1000-3000 range. Within the given fee if a faculty has 20 teachers and pays 18,000 average it becomes Rs. 360,000 + other staff like 2 ayas, 2 guards, 1 employee, 2 office members around 1 Lac then come to the building rent average rent is around 2 lac total amount =660,000 + bills and photocopies of work minimum 40,000 now total expense /month is around 7 Lac without misc. The expense which is unseen as like in homes, now come to students numbers 300 average numbers 2500 average fee, then the entire collection is about 7.5 Lac, they need salaries and rent to be paid, this will be happened by collecting 100% when parents aren’t giving fees, how can a faculty owner pay salary, although its 3rd month without fee recovery, the truth isn’t known to those that aren’t in this field, kindly chew over the important picture.”

People accustomed to private schools and colleges charge tons of cash within the sort of fees from children. But on the other hand, if we see in our society and towns there are normal schools run by the mediocre and that they are charging 1000 to 3000 fees for every student. There are 10-15 lac private school teachers whom kitchen runs by the salary got from private schools. School owners and teachers have gotten out of sources due to a lack of interest by the government.

According to statistics thousands of faculty owners, 1.4 million teachers, over 500,000 non-teaching staff, and their families face financial and mental difficulties. Private school associations demanding a bailout package for schools and govt should share the burden just like the government taking initiatives for other private industries and institutions.

Leaving an issue for state authorities who called these school owners mafia, 1.4 million people that are employed privately schools and colleges how long they will support the staff?


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