Scarcity of policymaking by hospital administrations

Scarcity of policymaking by hospital administrations

We are witnessing the various videos and reports by the news channels about the patients who aren’t COVID positive suffering by the administration of hospitals. Many doctors in Government and personal hospitals aren’t checking the patients. There are two theories circulating among the doctors a number of them taking precautionary measures and suggesting the people to urge test reports of COVID 19 first which is taking two or three days in background areas. No doctor privately or Government hospital able to check patients even those that haven’t symptoms of the corona. The second theory is doctors have concern relevant to the organization and policy of the authorities that govt isn’t providing all the protective sorts of equipment for the doctors.

These reasons are getting a haul for patients. On the other hand, private hospitals are charging double than usual. Hospitals are becoming the rationale for the spread of COVID-19 because the administration had not applied the zoning policy suggested by the Government of Pakistan which is taken by the Chinese Government consistent with the zoning formula. According to this, every hospital should have three zones named Green Zone: The clean area, Yellow Zone: the potentially contaminated Area, Red Zone: The contaminated Area. But as we’ve seen in hospitals there’s a scarcity of policymaking by the administration.

As Prime Minister Imran Khan said “While we don’t think we can completely stop the spread of Covid-19, one of our goals is to lessen the number of individuals exposed,”  Slowing the spread not only prevents health care workers from being overwhelmed with patients but also gives those that are most vulnerable to the virus, mainly those over 50 and those who are immunocompromised, a lower chance for illness.

Hospitals should make sure their facilities are as accessible and safe for patients as possible, whether they’re seeking care for Covid-19 or in need of some other medical treatment. The key with keeping healthy people safe is really just ensuring that hospitals are taking appropriate measures with those who are sick, Administrative should tell anyone who has symptoms and needs medical care to call a hospital first, to make sure they get into the hospital in a safe manner. Safe, in this case, means being greeted by staff wearing protective gear, and getting escorted through an entrance that is away from other patients.


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