Dadu local journalist, two friends drowned in deep water of Nai Nali

Dadu local journalist Abdullah Lashari

DADU: One local journalist and two others his friends were drowned in deep water of a Nai Nali near Wahi Pandhi town in taluka Johi of Dadu district on Monday.

According to DSP Johi Noor Mohammad Sohryani, one journalist and two others had left Wahi Pandhi for Gorakh Hills station on Sunday for visit but their dead bodies were found from deep water of Nai Nali some 22 kilometers away from Wahi Pandhi on Monday.

On the information of local people of area police and relatives  found the three dead bodies from a deep water of Nai Nali near Wahi Pandhi town , their names were known as, local renowned journalist 22 years old, Abdullah Lashari, his friends 21 years old Sajid Jamali and 21 years old Zahid Jamali.

Dead bodies of deceased Abdullah Lashari, Sajid Jamali and Zahid Jamali were brought at taluka hospital Johi by wahi Pandhi police. Medical officers Dr Atiq Rehman and Dr Mehboob Rind under conducted autopsy.

Speaking with this correspondent MS taluka hospital Johi, Dr Mustafa Lashari said that doctors had reported him that it was found through initial report of autopsy  that these all three deceased were died due to drowning in deep water.

DSP Johi, Noor Mohammad Sohryani said that according to initial investigation and information collected from local people and spt  that last day (on Sunday) a local journalist Abdullah Lashari and his two friends Sajid Jamali and Zahid Jamali left Wahi Pandhi for tourism place  Gorakh hill station for visiting. He said that on the way from Wahi Pandhi to Gorakh hill station, Nai Nali was crossing, three all deceased were swimming due to scorching heat. He said that these three all drowned in deep water.

He said that on (Monday) morning the dead bodies of three all were found dead from water of Nai Nali. He said that dead bodies were handed over to the relatives after autopsy from taluka hospital Johi.

Haji Adam Jamali notable of Wahi Pandhi town, along with relatives of deceased Sajid Jamali and Zahid Jamali arrived at taluka hospital Johi received dead bodies  Zahid and zahid Jamali and Gulzar Lashari received dead body of his brother journalist Abdullah Lashari from taluka hospital Johi.  

Local journalists of Dadu, Johi and Wahi Pandhi also arrived at taluka hospital Johi when they received information about death of Abdullah Lashari.  

Speaking with journalists, Haji Adam Jamali said that three deceased had asked that they were going to Gorakh Hill station, last day –on Sunday but till late hours of night, they had not reached at Gorakh hill station when they had checked them from Gorakh hill station on mobile cell. He said that they were trying to contact with them on their mobile cells but their mobile cells were not attended.

He said that early in the morning on Monday, some nomads belongs to mountain areas and border of Sindh Baluchistan those were crossing along with their cattle heads, had informed to the local police that the motorcycle was standing and cloths, watches and mobile cells were placed but no one was seen at embankment of Nai Nali. He said that on their information, they had reached at spot along with local police Wahi Pandhi, they found three dead bodies of  local journalists 22 years old, Abdullah Lashari, his friends 21 years old Sajid Jamali and 21 years old Zahid Jamali.

The funeral prayer of local journalist Abdullah Lashari was held at his native village Pir Bux Lashari near Wahi Pandhi town and funeral prayer of Sajid Jamali and Sajid Jamali was held at Wahi Pandhi town and they were buried at their ancestral grave yard. SSP Dadu Dr Farrukh Raza Malik has ordered the DSP Johi Noor Mohammad Sorhyani for proper investigations of deaths of three persons.


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