Top 10 Most Played Sports around the World


Numerous sports are played all across the globe, which are quite popular and widespread amongst people. Where some people opt for them as their hobbies, others choose them as their careers. If not these two, a lot of people select a sport that aids them in staying fit and healthy. Out of them, there are a few sports that people play, love, and follow quite enthusiastically. Their rules are global rules, and people witness their big shows all across the World. They get so massive in their fan following that they are recognized across many countries. 

Sports activities bring a lot of suspense, excitement as well as thrill in the lives of people. Watching these sports activities leads to an emotional attachment with them, and the fans put all their hearts and mind in them. All the generations connect to these sports well, and it gave them more fame.

Some of the most played sports in the World are as follows:

  1. Soccer 

There is not an iota of doubt in the fact that soccer is the most popular sport in the World. With more than 270 million people playing it, this game is followed by people all across the globe. It is especially famous in Europe, but that doesn’t mean its fans are not located elsewhere. According to some statistics, more than three billion people, all across the World, watched the FIFA world cup of 2019.

Both men and women play this game, but the former gets more attention from the media. Alongside this, it also has the costliest brand endorsements ever.

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  1. Cricket:

Yet another most famous sport in the World is Cricket. It has around 2.5 million fans all across the globe, with the biggest ones residing in Europe, Africa, and Asia. It also enjoys extensive brand endorsements, and it pays the crickets quite a lot. Some of the highest-paid cricketers make around 20 million dollars every year.

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  1. Basketball

Another quite famous sport is Basketball. Initially, it got familiarized in America, as it was invented in Massachusetts. It was considered as an alternative to football, so that the fans could play it indoors. One primary reason why it is played so widely is that it offers very few chances of injuries and accidents.

Now, it has around 825 million followers all across the World, with its tournaments being widely seen by people.

  1. Baseball 

Baseball is a game that has millions of followers all across the World, especially in the US, Japan, and the Caribbean. It is slightly similar to cricket but has its own set of rules and regulations. A total of two teams play in a single game, with nine players a part of each team.

However, its viewership is undoubtedly limited, as people in South Asia are not really familiar with the game as such.

  1. Field Hockey 

With two million fans of field hockey across the globe, it comes at the fifth spot when it comes to popular sports. Initially started in Europe, it has now found its admiration almost everywhere in the World.

The most formidable teams of hockey are based in Pakistan, India, and Australia.

  1. Tennis:

Tennis has, over the years, gained a lot of fame all across the World. Played in the formats of Singles or doubles, it just needs three items; Ball, Racket, and a Net.

Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open, Queen’s Club Championships, and French Open are the most widely viewed tournaments of this game.

  1. Volleyball 

People going on picnics and beaches love to play volleyball with their friends. This game is not only easy to play, but its rules are quite simple and straightforward.

With 900 million fans across the World, this game is played at micro as well as mini levels. It is sure to say that this game has evolved quite a lot in the past two decades.

  1. Table Tennis

A bit complicated and with a set of individual rules, table tennis is also quite popular amongst people. One primary reason why it has got so many fans is that it can be played indoors. This game was started in the 19th Century, and now has around 875 million fans all across the World. Initially, it got famous as the mini version of lawn tennis. It still has the highest level of popularity in the countries of South Korea, China, and Sweden.

  1. Rugby 

Rugby is more of a traditional game, which is played quite fondly in Spain and France. Even in South Africa, this game is quite popular. It has around  390 million fans all across the globe, with the highest number residing in England, Australia, and France. The biggest event of this sport is the Rugby World Cup, which occurs every four years. Around twenty teams from different countries participate in it.

  1. Golf

Golf is the game that is played in the United States of America the most. Various clubs help the players playing the game and promote it at a broader level. The game needs vast grounds to be played in. Apart from this, compared to the younger generation, the elders like to play it a lot.

The older members of these clubs that play this game usually belong to the upper class. Thus, the game is also stereotyped to be an elite game. Still, it has around 390 million around the World, while most of them reside in Europe.


Sports are a way to keep you excited about future tournaments, and if you play them as well, they will keep you healthy as well. A person must have a favorite game, as it will ensure that he never has a dull moment while watching its tournaments.


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