Why are people shifting from real sports to digital games?

real sports to digital game

Over the last couple of years, the World of sports has witnessed a significant transformation. With time, eSports is gaining more attention of the people compared to the real ones. Even the organizers are considering to have them in the list of competing games in the Olympics games of 2024. The fact that there is a massive variety of e-games and you can choose any one of them according to your likings further makes them suitable for you.

For those people who are incredibly competitive, various games such as Counterstrike, Call Of Duty, League of Legends, and Rocket League quench their thirst for competing with others. If you are really not sure what eSports is, it is nothing else than a planned competitive competition. However, these competitive games come with different sorts of mechanics, on which they are centered. To make things simplified, they are differentiated into sports, race, and strategy games. If you want to earn while playing them, you can always rely upon the bonus codes in Canada to serve you well.

The economic factor:

E-sports are gaining a lot of attention from everyone owing to the economic value that they have achieved. This is unusually attracting a lot of players towards these games. Compared to the original footballs, the FIFA 18 game got revenue of worth twenty million. This revenue was generated within eleven months of this game being launched in the market. In the online tournaments of FIFA 18, players from sixty countries participated, who were more than twenty million in number.

Players as well as viewers:

Now, if you think the e-sports doest have any viewers, you are wrong. Most of the time, e-sports tend to fetch more viewers than real games. According to an estimate, there are more than 11 million people, alone in the country of Germany, who watch esports through various online forums. They may opt for Youtube as a platform to watch these videos or any other of their liking.

The fact that viewing eSports is as popular as playing them is proved as more than forty five thousand people, living in Seoul, witnessed the finals of League of Legends Worlds in the year 2014. Worldwide, the number of these spectators was more than three million across the globe.

Can we consider eSports as real sports?

A lot of people keep pondering over the fact that whether they should consider eSports as real sports or not? A lot of people even do not validate e-sportsmen as real sportsmen.

Basically, sports are about competitiveness. They are meant to make you exercise and keep the spirit of competition inside you alive. With eSports, the players can exercise their brains in the best possible manner. This is especially true for the board and strategy games. At the same time, the spirit of competition also remains up. Thus, sportsmanship spirit cultivates in the player, which improves his personality.

Along with this, the fact that these eSports have their own sets of rules and regulations bring them at par with the real sports. In case a player comes with some innovative action that can be accepted only if it goes with the rules of the game well.  According to some researches, the psychological working of a person who plays eSports and the one who plays other games was proved to be the same. eSports players can sustain their attention for higher levels. Alongside this, they can also make a quick decision while playing the games. This proves that eSports if real sport, which offers its players with great benefits. If you are also able to use your sharp instincts in the arena of eSports, you can go according to this guide.

Abilities required to play eSports:

Playing eSports means being really good at your motor abilities. This means that the quick and right usage of fingers, along with functional connectivity with the eyes, is essential. Alongside these skills, one needs to have a powerful perception creation ability. Reacting to the other person’s action swiftly is what matters the most in eSports. Thus, one can say that these sports are no less valid than the real ones.

The clash between real sports and eSports:

Now it is an undeniable fact that no one will really like is someone else would steal their limelight. The same thing has happened to the real sports organizers. As they have no say in the rules and regulations of the eSports managed by particular companies, they tend to feel frustrated about it. The sports organizers also are wary of comparing these two formats together and bringing eSports in the arena of other sports. This is because they really don’t want their games to be equated with violence promoting e-games.

Alongside this, as the person playing eSports virtually does all the physical activity, but in reality, he doesn’t even move an inch further makes sports organizers dislike eSports. They find it hard to accept that a person can play sports without also moving much. Where the eSports fans equate the exercise of brain happening during the gameplay with the real workout, sports lovers really do not believe that.

The comparison:

With the mobile phone and its screen becoming an indispensable part of our lives, one can really not differentiate between real-life and virtual presence. The way one presents oneself in the game is definitely what one really is in actual life. Therefore, saying that virtual presence is not the real presence would be unjustified. The diffusion between these two Worlds actually make the phenomenon of eSports possible and adds to the pleasure with which a gamer plays it. eSports is a reality, and millions of players embracing it all over the World proves this fact. Now that you have a choice to either use your actual presence or opt for virtual presence while playing a game, you can surely choose one according to your own personal preference.


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