DIST Admin, HMC must dump offal of sacrificial animals to keep city clean: HCCI

Hyderabad map

HYDERABAD: Vice president Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haji Gulshan Illahi has asked district administration and Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (HMC) to sweep the garbage and offal of sacrificial animals and dump same without unnecessary delay so to keep city clean. In a statement here he asked for chemical spray on city’s places of congestion and more lime powder be used to kill to avert any kind of infection. Haji Gulshan Illahi also said that one group, mostly of non-Muslims, try to rip and tear offal into pieces which causes infection of epidemics. This group should be kept under check and not allowed to repeat such practice that happens to be human hazardous.  He also made appeal to public to ensure more responsibility on Eid ul Azha and throw and dump opal of sacrificial animals at safer places. Such places must be washed and sprayed with anti-biotic medicines. He prayed with blessings of God Almighty we may preserve city from infectious diseases.


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