England umpires walk the distance equivalent from Lahore to Manchester


England’s 33 first-class umpires have set themselves the target of walking to Lahore and back – virtually, at least – before the ongoing tour of Pakistan finishes. 

“The total distance of 9,436 miles between Gaddafi Stadium (Lahore) to Old Trafford, Manchester is almost the distance that the umpires would, as a group, cover on field whilst umpiring during a domestic cricket season. The idea for the walk came during the Covid 19 lockdown, to not lose the miles that they would normally cover”, Hassan Adnan, one of the participant First Class England umpires,  whose parents are in Lahore, said exclusively over telephone. 

After playing First class cricket for 16 years, Adnan moved to England.  

“Monies raised will go to 3 worthy charities: PCA Benevolent Fund Prostate Cancer and British Asian Trust”. 

Later, Paul Baldwin, another umpire provided more details about the initiative. 

“The 33 of us were challenged to be ready for any potential season start and after being shown the data for our total mileage covered in 2015, of 10,000 miles on field we decided we should try and find somewhere appropriate to do a return journey from.”

“The group wanted to support the Professional Cricketer’s Trust because most of us are former professional players. The Trust has helped out a number of us over the years, not just financially, but mentally too, and it seemed only right that we gave back to a body that has been so supportive of us”, Baldwin signed off. 

ICC’s Elite Panel umpire Aleem Dar encouraged the umpire by sending a special video message.


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