JANNPAUL revolutionises the global diamond market with the Decagon 10 Hearts & Arrows Diamond

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September 2020 – The
newly designed and patented White Series Collection by Singaporean diamond
designer, Paul Hung, revolutionises light performance in fancy shaped diamonds.
Managing Director of JANNPAUL Singapore, Paul is one of the first diamond
designers to have shaken up the industry with the newest 10 Hearts & Arrows cuts
featured in the traditional fancy shaped diamonds.


Presently, fancy
shaped diamonds are still cut the same way they were in the 1960s. Back then,
they were cut for different unique shapes, rather than light performance.
However, this changed with the high-performing White Series diamonds, cut to
exacting standards for maximum brilliance. With far more superior technology
and tools, the White Series collection features fancy shaped diamonds – think
cushion, pear, oval,
and even a decagon – that redefine diamond cutting. In contrast to a 57-faceted
round diamond, the Decagon 10 HA – part of the White Series – boasts 111
facets, engineered for high scintillation and brilliance. Sold exclusively by
JANNPAUL, these fancy-shaped diamonds are a gamechanger in the global market.


With a wide range of cuts and
variables considered in the performance of a super ideal cut, the quality of these fancy shaped diamonds
lie in brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. The White Series diamonds are
cut to illuminate from every major and minor facet from the center, synergising
from crown to pavilion to deliver edge to edge brilliance. Under the ASET
scope, the refractive light of play produces a mosaic of light in motion. The
mark of a brilliant diamond is produced upon analysis at 90 degree angles, but
with the White Series, the diamonds are engineered to perform at natural,
titled angles under the perspective of a naked eye.


The soft launch of
the JANNPAUL White Series include fancy shaped diamonds such as the cushion,
pear, oval and decagon diamond cuts produced at competitive prices. Against other
premium diamonds, the White Series diamonds sport the highest fire and
scintillation, distributing sparkle evenly with minimal light leakages. With
superior light-performing angles, you will find these cuts to be truly
uncontested in the realm of bright white diamonds.


As diamonds are big-ticket
purchases, you want to be sure of exactly what makes the diamond worth the
spend. Recognisably, young adults planning for marriage also fall into the
category of first-time diamond buyers. Backed with research and a clear preference
for aesthetics, young buyers today delve into the scientifics and product
comparisons to come to consensus on diamond value. And by raising the benchmark
through comprehensive diamond education and free consultations, JANNPAUL is meeting
that standard.

Established in 2010, JANNPAUL
seeks to remove exploitative nature within the jewelry trade by producing super
ideal cut diamonds at competitive prices. With top light girdle performance and
spectacular symmetry, the newest Decagon 10 HA diamond makes the cut with an
unrivalled uniqueness.

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Marketing Department, JannPaul Diamonds Singapore

Email: sales@jannpaul.com

Tel: +65 67332925


The world’s leading jeweler of
the highest standards of Super Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds, JANNPAUL
was founded to provide consumers high performing diamonds at competitive
prices. The vision of the company is to educate the public and empower them
with knowledge to make informed decisions. JANNPAUL offers the best diamond
cuts in all shapes, at competitive prices. We hope to revolutionise the diamond
industry and raise the benchmark.

more information, visit JANNPAUL’s website: https://www.jannpaul.com/ or learn
more about JANNPAUL’S Diamonds: https://www.youtube.com/user/JPJannPaul


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