Action against illegal slaughter houses: Administrator HMC acclaims meat Dept.

Hyderabad map

HYDERABAD: After taking over charge as Administrator of HMC, Safdar Ali Bughio has continued campaign to keep the city clean under which after sanitation of roads and streets a drive has started by the meat department against illegal slaughter houses set up by unscrupulous people in their homes.

In this regard, Meat department took action at Phuleli Pinjrapol, Preetabad, Faqir Ka Pir, and Latifabad No.7,8 & 10 against the illegal sale of meat. Meat staff seized much quantity of meat (many maunds) from homes where people have set up illegal slaughter houses with imposing heavy fines on Qsabs.

Administrator HMC Safdar Ali Bughio has acclaimed actions taken by the meat department against illegal slaughterhouses and asked staff to continue their campaign against the sale of pressurized and ill animal meat. He also asked Aasabs associations to extend their cooperation to HMC staff in action against illegal and health hazard meat so that citizens could be prevented from falling prey to such unhealthy meat.


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