Hangzhou has released “Top Ten Scenes of Digital Economy Tourism” officially for the first time in China Through Combining Tourism and the Digital Economy

HANGZHOU, CHINA – Media OutReach – 12 October 2020 – On September 17th & 18th, the “2020 Culture and Tourism Summit of Hangzhou & Meeting Industry Fair of the New Economic Destination” was held in Hangzhou, China, sponsored by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism.

In the opening ceremony of the summit, “Top Ten Scenes of Hangzhou Digital Economy Tourism” was finally announced. They are Alibaba Group (China) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the Cloud Town & Hangzhou City Brain Co., Ltd., Xiaoshan Hipark, Turing Town, Alibaba Cloud Industrial Internet Co., Ltd., Inno & Entre Town, Zhejiang Dahua Zhilian Co., Ltd., Xiaoshan Robot Town, and Wasu Digital TV Media Group, all of which are world-famous technology companies or business centers/parks.

As one of the nation’s best tourist cities and a famous national historical and cultural city, Hangzhou is the political, economic and cultural center of Zhejiang Province. From rich Chinese traditional culture to passionate team building programs, to cooperation-inspiring business study trips, through colorful night leisure life: event planners can keenly feel the wealth of interests Hangzhou stands to offer as an ideal MICE destination.

In recent years, the digital economy industry of Hangzhou has been constantly growing. The industrial sectors are empowered for development with technology innovations, accompanied with emerging economic industries such as the Internet, cultural creativity, financial service, health care, and new energy. In addition, top national and international conferences including the APSARA Conference, 2050 Conference, Netease Future Conference, and Money20/20 take roots in Hangzhou. The fast-growing digital economy industry has attracted more and more Chinese and foreign business tourists, and this untapped tourism has become a “new blue ocean” for the development of Hangzhou’s tourism.

Therefore, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism launched the program of the election of “Top Ten Scenes of Hangzhou Digital Economy Tourism” to integrate the new digital economy resources into the tourism concept. The ten scenes have established a specified visitor reception mechanism mainly for business tourists, which will show its achievements in the development of the digital economy.

Alibaba is a world-renowned technology company founded in Hangzhou. Alibaba offers three visitor lines covering its Visitor Center at QINCHENGLI Mall, Tai Ji Zen Garden, Fly Zoo Hotel, and other unique resources. The spots are all representative. Alibaba’s Visitor Center shows the style of Alibaba, including Alibaba’s culture, industry, and products. As a new retail experimental field in smart commercial space, QINCHENGLI Mall relies on the big data and AI technology to upgrade the production and circulation process of commodities and form a display of new modes through deep integration of online, offline and logistics. As the first smart hotel in the world, Fly Zoo Hotel boasts 290 rooms, the future fitness center and other facilities. Facial recognition check-in, smart elevator, Tmall smart butler, robot food delivery are all part of the lure, reflecting the latest smart applications.

Hikvision is an intelligent IoT(Internet of Things) solution and big data service provider, focusing on comprehensive security, big data service and smart business. It is committed to building a smart city and digitized enterprise with integration of cloud and edge, IoT and Information, and digitization and intelligence. Covering an area of 4500 square meters, the Hikvision Exhibition Center showcases the design language centering on “light”. For example, the device in the hall is called “The light of heart mirror”, whose linkage with the big screen and the dance of light helps convey to the audience the philosophy of the company and the theme of the whole exhibition. And it shows a city empowered by high-tech, including whole-house smart home experience, road safety driving guaranteed by vehicle-road collaborative technology, AR smart scenic sights, “take and go” easy shopping area, efficient smart factories and urban operation center, etc.

As the cradle of characteristic towns in Zhejiang, home to Hangzhou City Brain, and the permanent venue of “Cloud Computing Conference”, the Cloud Town boasts five big industry ecology of “cloud industry”, “City Brain”, “intelligent manufacturing”, “space information”, and “biological medicine”, committing itself to forge the first town in China’s digital economy. The City Brain, known as Hangzhou’s “golden name card”, enables urban managers to better allocate public resources, make scientific decisions and improve governance efficiency. Hangzhou City Brain Co., Ltd., as the operation and management main body of the smart system, is striving to become a model in Hangzhou’s digital economy tourism. This scene offers three routes covering Cloud Town Exhibition, Museum of Inspiration 2050, Herbal Garden, City Brain Base. The City Brain Base presents the new mechanism in which the Hangzhou government explores the development and construction of the city brain, including the industrial application, the process, the achievements, and the future of collaborative innovation among the government, enterprises and research institutions through the Innovation Base.

2020 Culture and Tourism Summit, with the topic of “New Challenges, New Scenes, and New Integrations”, comprised multiple parts including the main summit, parallel forums, an investment and financing wine party, and a meeting industry fair. 100 CMOs of China’s the new economy enterprises, 20 PCOs from Beijing and Shanghai, and 20 PE/VC institutions participated in the event as conference buyer. They had an in-depth business exchange with 120 MICE suppliers of Hangzhou within one and a half days.

Diversified empowerment, professional collaboration and authoritative investigation conducted between the new economic advantage industry and the conference industry are showing Hangzhou’s unique strengths in industries, innovation, and development potential as “A Destination of the New Economy”.


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