Huubap Helps SMEs Go Digital With IMDA-Approved Workforce Management Software, King of Time

  • Leading Japanese cloud system
    provides up to 70% funding support for companies to optimise workflow
  • Added benefits of managing
    staggered shifts and employee movement tracking

– Media OutReach – 26 October 2020 – Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can
now defray the costs of implementing a reliable workforce management system
with the adoption of King of Time by
Huubap. Under approval from Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Japan’s
number one HR cloud system is offered under the Productivity Solutions Grant with
a maximum of 70% funding support.


With the need of SMEs to improve productivity
and optimise workflow especially during a period of prolonged uncertainty
brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, King of Time offers a seamless entry
point for them to go digital without incurring excessive costs or wasted time.



King of Time’s cloud-based attendance system
requires only a PC and an internet connection. All stakeholders including HR,
managers and employees can easily access data in real time on their browser
from any authorised point of access. An integrated cloud system is especially
useful since telecommuting and shift arrangements remain the norm.


Mr Kazuyuki Okuhata, Co-founder and Chief
Executive Officer of Huubap, says: “SMEs are key drivers of the Singapore
economy and they need to be well-equipped to improve operations, especially for
industries that are harder hit by the pandemic. We hope that the adoption of
King of Time as part of their innovation initiatives will help them to optimise
workflow in the face of limited resources and manpower.”


The accessibility of the system makes leave
application, rostering and approvals fuss-free and time-saving. Features such as
flexible work hours management, staggered shifts, employee tracking, overtime
requests and leave management are customisable to industry and company-specific


King of Time’s clients span industries
such as F&B, automation, hospitality and retail.  Renowned patisserie Chateraise with outlets
all across the world benefits especially from the software’s global
compatibility usage. King of Time allows the company to manage multiple global
locations via one centralised master account.


Ariel Lee, Director of Sunpark
of the Chateraise franchise, endorses that King of Time “effectively reduces
the time taken to do payroll by 70%. Staff work hours are now also able to be
ascertained by the biometric system.”


Especially for industries like manufacturing,
retail and F&B that require more time attendance, the adoption of King of
Time helps companies to seamlessly transit into digital solutions. The
streamlining of operations by removing menial, manual and laborious tasks
reduces man-hours and costs drastically, offering companies a much-needed hand
in their productivity upgrading efforts.


Set-Up and Hardware Costs Covered

Five versions of King of Time are available for
subsidy, catering for 20 to up to 150 users. Subsidised rates under the grant
cover training, set-up and hardware to help companies through the initial
set-up of transitioning to digital solutions. This is also the most expensive
and time-consuming phase.


“SMEs need to quickly adopt a robust and
trusted time attendance system without accumulating additional stress on their
finances. As a pre-approved vendor that has undergone stringent tests and
checks by government bodies, we are able to offer our expertise in attendance
management with established network security and service standards,” Kazuyuki


King of Time dominates the attendance
management cloud market in Japan with 1,800,000 users and over 23,000 companies
(as of October 2020). Constrained by government-imposed lockdowns and
work-from-home arrangements due to the pandemic, companies in Japan and
Southeast Asia contributed to an 11% increase in subscribers this year alone.


As one of the supportable solutions under the
Productivity Solutions Grant, King of Time will help even more local companies
improve their business operations to tide through the pandemic and ride into
the digital economy.


The initial set-up fee for King of Time is from
SGD 500 and the monthly fee stands at SGD 3 per user.


Huubap is offering a 30-day free trial of King
of Time with full features available. Companies can apply for the trial on the
website and receive assistance from the support team with set-up and operation.


For more information about Huubap and King of
Time, please visit:

To contact Huubap, please call +65 6690 8821 or
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About Huubap

was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Human Technologies, Inc. (H&T)
in Singapore. Huubap localises, sells and supports “King of Time” (KoT) for
Southeast Asian countries. KoT is H&T’s main product which has grown into
the leading cloud attendance management system in the market. On top of the
software, Huubap provides solutions that improve productivity of organisations,
such as tools for streamlining personnel, payroll management and paperless work
efficiency tools. The Huubap team spans across Singapore, Malaysia, the
Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan and other countries, and are unified by a
multinational and multiethnic team culture. With its global perspective to
drive product improvement and sales support, Huubap aims to become the cloud HR
company with top share in the ASEAN region.


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