5 Must Have Accessories to Feed Newborn and Growing Babies


While getting the baby items list ready, it is important to keep in mind the feeding accessories for kids. Food intake and nutrition are vital for babies to maintain their healthy physical development. Some accessories that are required for feeding the babies play a great role in their intake of food and healthy development. As there are a variety of items available in the market in any online baby shopping store, which makes it confusing for parents to choose from, we have narrowed down the list for you. Read on to find out the five must-have products that every parent should have to feed their babies.

1. Breastfeeding Essentials

Regardless of the mode you choose to feed your baby, the main baby-feeding essential required by parents are as follows:

Breast Pumps

There are various types of breast pumps available such as manual and battery operated. You should choose them according to your requirement. They also come with accessories such as bottles, labels, clips, bags for storage, etc.


It is important to sterilize teats, pacifiers, and bottles before using them to feed newborn babies. As cleaning and rinsing them in boiling water is a time-consuming process, sterilizers can become handy and kill about 99.9% of germs. They come with directions to follow that ensure the baby feeding items germ-free.

Feeding Bottle

There are different types of feeding bottles available in the market categorized based on manufacturing material such as silicone, plastic, and glass. It is a recommendation to ensure the feeding bottle you purchase is BPA free. Also, make sure that it is made of good quality material that can tolerate high temperatures.

2. Sippers and Cups

There are different variations of sippers and cups available in the market that make sure spilling of water does not occur on clothes and babies can enjoy their feeding time. They also assist in the transitions of babies from a bottle or breast-feeding to the use of regular cups. To create healthy coordination in an effective way between toddler hand and mouth, these sippers and cups can come in handy. Keep the baby’s hygiene conditions in mind while selecting the quality of cups and sippy cups. Babyplanet.pk provides a wide range of sippers and cups from the finest brands such as Nuby and Avent, which you can trust, for your kids.

3. Dishes and Utensils

The baby crockery set is an important aspect that all parents consider. As the baby grows, their body demands increased food intake, which in turn increases the need for proper food sets that helps in making feeding easy. These dishes and utensils should be in different colors and designs to make babies attract and help them learn table manners. Babyplanet.pk provides a wide range of crockery items that will help your toddlers have a happy meal on daily basis.  

4. Bibs and Hankies

Sleeping and eating are the two best things that babies love to do. The newborn babies always tend to throw up after their feeding time that may spill on their clothes and become a hassle for parents. To avoid such situations, bibs are a necessary item for your babies to keep their clothes clean. They are available at a vast variety at babyplanet.pk in different colors and shapes along with good quality fabric.

5. Food processors and containers

It is a time-consuming and challenging task to prepare a different kind of food for babies, as it requires steaming, chopping, and blending. Parents deserve to have tools that can help them in doing such tasks in a limited time without any challenges. The best thing they can have is the food processors and containers that will save their time and store the food for their babies before time. Please visit babyplanet.pk where we provide a wide range of high-quality baby products. Visit their online baby shopping store babyplanet.pk for more information.


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