10 Military-Themed Room Decor Ideas

texture military camouflage repeats seamless army green hunting

Are you obsessed with the military force? Do you want a room similar to the army theme? If yes then this place is right for you.

That’s because today we will be talking about 10 military-themed ideas for your room decor. From color to wallpaper, we will discuss each aspect in detail. Let’s take a detailed look into the points for a better idea

#1 Camo and Khaki Color Scheme

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For a military-themed bedroom, the best color choice is deep green, brown, sandy taupes, and grey. You can try painting camouflage spots on the walls for that army look. Just a few dabs with a paintbrush are likely to provide the pattern.

#2 Graphics Wallpaper

If not paint, you can go for a graphic wallpaper with camouflage. You can try wallpaper with any pattern or military art on canvas. These wallpapers look promising and they are quite readily available too.

On A Mission Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

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#3 Customise It Your Way

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If you are designing the room for your kid, try using military elements that are readily available. Using trunks and toy chests can help to give that army look too.

The addition of metal or leather effects to the overall setting can boost better outcomes. With the blend of brown and green bedroom ideas, these minor setups can act as a cherry on the top.

#4 Choose an Army-themed Bed

Beds can be constructed as per army theme too. From den bed to net canopy hung, you can give a tent touch for a conventional look. What else can give it a close military appearance? The camouflage print sheets and pillowcases.

texture military camouflage repeats seamless army green hunting

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#5 Teddy Soldiers

While it’s tough to get real-life soldiers in the room, you can go for their artificial versions. If the room is for kids then you can make an army squad with teddy bears. For an extra touch, you can include animals too. Overall, it will make a perfect military squad on army duty.

#6 Travelling Trunk

All the belongings of soldiers are stored in a stowaway trunk. These are used for their protection from enemy infiltrators. You can DIY and decorate storage boxes in a similar way. It will give an authentic touch to the military theme.

#7 Lampshades

Imagine a military-themed lampshade beside your army-themed bed. Doesn’t it look cool? Lights can be decided as per your own preference. However, we recommend trying dark lights for genuine results.

#8 Curtains

A contrast of dark green curtains with the camouflage wall art can be the next step for military room decor. If you do not have a camouflage printed wall, you can go for such print on curtains too. Themed curtains are likely to enhance the complete atmosphere.

#9 Sheets and Pillow Cases

As mentioned earlier, military-themed bed sheets and pillow covers can add that charm to the look. You can either go for camouflage or related prints for the same. The color contrast of dark green and grey is a great combination too.

#10 Signs for Bathroom Decor

Wall arts or signs with quotes can be implanted outside the bathroom door. It can have texts like ‘ Soldiers brush their teeth, ‘Soldier wash their hands, or ‘Soldiers take a bath’. It will improve the essence of the theme and give an overall classy look.

That’s it. These were top military-themed ways to decorate your room. We hope you liked our ideas. For more such related ideas, stay connected to our page.


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