5 Bestseller Pakistani Dresses You Must Buy

Shireen Lakdawala

Pakistan’s fashion industry has gone a long way and people expect it to keep growing in the next years in providing the best Pakistani designer dresses. The future is bright, especially with the current support it is receiving from those already involved in the industry. However, for Pakistan’s sector to reach new heights, the Pakistani government and international markets must invest in it.

Pakistani dresses are available in a wide range of fabric that is beautifully embellished, some have printed designs, and some have unique embroidery patterns.

Shireen Lakdawala has a huge name in the fashion industry of Pakistan due to the superior quality she provides to its customers. Her summer clothing ideas for women are perfect. The cloth is of good quality and comes in a variety of colors. She is well known for her designs, which are a fantastic mix of classic and contemporary. Online shopping has made it so easy for women to grab their favorites on the go.

Let us have a look at the 5 bestseller Pakistani Dresses:

Ready to wear

The ready-to-wear collection comes in a wide range of sizes, from small to extra-large, which is a good size range. With a large collection of stitched gowns available online, the business offers considerable variation in terms of designs, color, and embellishments.

Lawn collection

Every year, the lawn collections, which are excellent for summer wear, are the greatest sellers. There is a wide selection of ready-to-wear three-piece collections that are perfect for everyday use. If you plan to buy a nice and affordable lawn suit affordable without having to go to a tailor and spend a significant amount to have the outfit stitched, this collection is for you.

Luxury Pret

The three-piece luxury lawn collection from well-known Pakistani designers is perfect for any occasion. Other beaded artwork cannot compare to the threading technique. The entire effect will be stunning thanks to the thread and sequins. These beautiful gowns are appropriate for a dinner or a small wedding reception. Summertime is all about the lawn, especially the luxurious lawn. Long shirts are popular because they appear to be more elegant and sophisticated.

Heavy Embroidered stitch and unstitch

If long shirts are not your thing, consider investing in a great formal dress with an organza dupatta. These days, loose-fitting trousers are trending. You might get a light-colored suit to make your look “summer-trendy.” Your outfit will be complete with an embroidered shirt and a patch on your trouser. Pearls can perform the magic of grace and decency. Check out a handful of Shireen Lakdawala’sgowns designed for you in this pattern.

Fancy Peshwas

A pure chiffon embroidered fabric with gotta, sequence, and gotta handwork is available in Peshwas. The hand needlework on the border of the Dhaka pajamas incorporates crystals, kora, sequence, tilla, and dabka. The collection is appealing because of the print on the pure Dhaka pajamas. This outfit is perfect for the upcoming Eid festival. All the designs are distinct from one another.


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