6 Ways To Improve Your Business Website

The Advantage of Online Trading

All of us are familiar with websites. To put it simply they are a collection of web pages possessing data. There are millions and millions of websites on the internet today. They serve different purposes. Each website can be used for any purpose. 

Since the popularity of the internet, a huge number of online trading websites have emerged. These are websites where you can buy and sell goods similar to a physical marketplace. With the current ongoing pandemic, their importance and usage have been highlighted.

Why Are Websites Important?  

Trading websites are platforms for buyers and sellers to meet. Similar to physical stores, they also need to be well kept and consumer-friendly to attract buyers. A well-organized website will make it easier for consumers to browse through your products. Thus making them more likely to place orders.

Top Tips

Organizing and creating a website for trading can be hectic. But don’t worry we have got you covered. Below we have listed some of the best things you can follow or keep in your mind while choosing a website. 

1: Give Information

We have all heard the advice that consumers don’t want too much information. In truth, you need to provide as much data as possible. One of the major problems that most consumers face while shopping online is vagueness. The lack of information leads a lot of people to opt-out of buying online. 

2: Use Trustworthy Platforms

Using trustworthy platforms can have a hugely positive effect on consumers. Platforms such as PayPal, skrill or WorldPay are trusted and reputable services. Consumers usually feel more comfortable paying through these platforms. The threat of having your bank information stolen from shady online platforms is always present in anyone’s mind. Thus by providing consumers with such trustworthy platforms we can raise the chances of a purchase. 

3: Anticipate Questions

People often complain about questions left unanswered while visiting websites. Thus having an FAQ column or something similar helps consumers understand. You can anticipate what questions someone might have and add them to this column with appropriate answers. This not only allows your consumers to have their questions answered but also gives a good impression. Consumers will always prefer a business that tries to make an effort for them.

4: Complaints And Queries

Having an online 24/7 chat section for complaints and queries is a great initiative. Most websites provide an email for this purpose. However, consumers are more likely to not purchase the item instead of emailing about it and waiting for a response. An online chat section is a middle ground for this. This will allow the consumers to get their queries answered swiftly. Hence, making them more likely to purchase.

Easy To Navigate

One of the most important qualities of a good website is its ease of navigation. A website with good organization and ease of navigation will help consumers browse through easily. Websites such as GritLeather are a prime example of this. Having different tabs for different sections and search bars can allow consumers to easily access whatever they want. Therefore resulting in a better buying experience.

5: Product Delivery

Half of the consumer experience is after ordering their product. Most websites get bad reviews due to bad delivery experiences. Consumers often complain about getting either delayed products or the wrong ones altogether. Thus it is necessary to use reputed companies such as UPS or FedEx locally. 

Product Delivery is also very important for websites that use outsourcing for their products. For example, you can get volume lashes wholesale for cheap from various sources. Freight forwarding services such as that offered by fbabee.com can then be used to transport these products. 

6: After-Sale Service 

One of the major things that have given online trading a bad reputation is a lack of after-sale service. Online websites are known for not providing any help or services once their product has been sold. This is in no one beneficial to the business since it causes a bad reputation and loss of a potentially loyal consumer. Thus, any website must provide quality after-sale services.

 Online trading websites must have a properly defined policy for problems that may arise. These can include problems such as faulty products or product returns. This makes the consumer more confident as well since they will know what policy exists if any unfortunate problem may occur. It also helps the business be more aware of what to do as well when a consumer submits a complaint. 


We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone is busy at all times. Thus we can see the rise in trend for online trading. Something that was once considered a luxury is slowly becoming a necessity. To keep up with the fast pace of life, more and more people are opting for buying and selling products online. Thus increasing the need for proper websites and marketplaces.

Although trading websites exist in huge quantities today, we can only expect them to increase even higher. Thus, for your website to be noticed, it must stand out. We believe by following the tips given above and using a consumer-oriented approach, your website can stand out. Ultimately reaching millions of consumers online.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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