3 Common Reasons for Wearing Light Sensitivity Glasses


You know the pain of forgetting your sunglasses at home if you wear light-sensitive glasses. Wearing light sensitivity glasses is just a forego for most people who have used them for several years.

During the first few days of using these glasses, you may feel uncomfortable because your eyes have not fully adapted to that kind of lighting condition. But with time, you will get used to these glasses and find a lot of comfort in wearing them. Here are several reasons for wearing light sensitivity glasses.

Protect your eyes from UV rays

Most people know that UV rays have a damaging effect on the skin but rarely realize the damage these rays have on their eyes. The tissues that make up the eyes are susceptible to bright light. With time, UV radiation can cause damage to the eyes due to either long-term or short-term exposure. Some effects of ultraviolet rays’ exposure to the eyes include cataracts, photokeratitis, and macular degeneration.

Light sensitivity glasses protect the eyes from UV rays. Most of the lenses making these glasses offer 100% protection, and you can ensure that the eyes are always protected from these rays. When exposed to excessive UV rays, you will often suffer eye strain.

It happens mostly when the weather turns unexpectedly from cloudy to sunny. It’s always good to be prepared no matter what the day brings. You can get FL-41 light sensitivity glasses to protect your eyes from excessive radiation and enjoy your day without undue strain.

They offer a lot of comfort

There are various ways light sensitivity glasses offer comfort. You can get these glasses customized as per your style. You can choose different frames from the different shops, colors, and lenses as per the optician’s prescription.

When traveling for leisure, you don’t have to be afraid of anything because these glasses protect you from glares. Glares are caused by light being reflected from shiny surfaces. When too much light hits your eyes, you will likely suffer from blurred vision. You can choose any color depending on the optician’s prescription.

If you constantly face many challenges while driving under low light conditions, you can choose glasses that provide depth focus. Thus, wearing these glasses offers much comfort while traveling or working. You only need to keep track of one pair of glasses as they react automatically to light. Hence, these glasses are super convenient for active individuals in society.

Reducing effects of migraines

Overexposure to excessive blue light can cause headaches that will compel you to take painkillers or apply pain-relief cream. But who wants to keep taking pills for the rest of their life? There is a perfect solution to migraines caused by too much or low light conditions. The light sensitivity glasses will block the blue light wavelengths from reaching your eyes.

If these wavelengths reach the eyes, they will cause blurred vision. They have a short wavelength and thus a high refractive index. When you don’t have a clear vision of what’s happening, your perception will likely be affected. It will be tough for you to manage your brain, and you will suffer from multiple headaches.

These effects translate to poor sleep at night. There is no way you will sleep comfortably if you have pains. Wearing light sensitivity glasses will ensure that blue wavelength won’t reach your eyes during the evening, and the hormone melatonin will be produced normally.

Now that you have learned about the benefits of light sensitivity glasses, let’s dive into understanding eye conditions that cause light sensitivity.

Causes of light sensitivity

Several factors make eyes more light-sensitive, including medications, eye inflammation and conditions that affect the front surface of the eye. Sometimes inherited retinal conditions may be responsible for several complications like the retinitis pigmentosa.

Most of these conditions develop over time, and you can get light sensitivity glasses to prevent the condition from worsening. Note, regular glasses are different from light sensitivity glasses, as explained below.

Regular glasses vs. light sensitivity glasses

For most people, a standard pair of sunglasses is just enough to solve their eye problems. This is because they don’t fully understand the importance of having a light-sensitive lens. These simple glasses will reduce the effects of too much light to some extent, but they won’t be as effective as light sensitivity glasses.

They “limit” the amount of light entering your eyes, and this is if you choose category three and above the lens. If your eye condition is too bad, sunglasses may be of no use. You need to get light sensitivity glasses to prevent 100% harmful rays from reaching the surface of your eyes.

As stated above, these glasses change their working depending on the intensity of the light that’s in the surrounding. Consider choosing a reaction lens for the glasses. They will darken during outdoor activities and then change to clear indoors.


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