Fake soft drinks factory busted in Lahore

Punjab Food Authority

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has unearthed a factory producing fake carbonated drinks of different popular brands in Harbanspura and seized 1,200 litre solution of carbonated drinks during the raid.

The authority also lodged an FIR against the fake beverages factory owner on account of forgery and adulteration.

PFA Director General Shoaib Khan Jadoon said that the authority took action against the factory for producing fake drinks without formulas that might lead to cancer and ulcer diseases. He said that the food authority team seized 2,000 lids; 1,200 empty bottles, three machinery, three cylinders and labelling of different famous brands of beverages.

He said that fake drinks were being prepared with artificial sweeteners, chemicals, loose colours and contaminated water. He further said that fake bottles were to be supplied to small food points and local shops of the different streets in the provincial metropolis.

Jadoon has appealed to citizens to inform PFA in case of witnessed fake beverages factories in their surroundings or to register their complaints. 


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