Services of Pak Army and FC in Baluchistan Flood

Baluchistan Flood

At this time, rains and floods have wreaked havoc in the homeland in which Baluchistan is the most affected province. In the flood, hundreds of houses have been collapsed. Connecting roads and bridges have been washed away, and the huts of nomads and cattle have also been subjected to floods. Many people have lost their lives in Quetta, Chaman, Loralani, Qala Saifullah, Sui, Dera Bugti, Machh, Lasbela, Sibi, Harnai, Dikki, Kohlu, Barkhan, and Zhob. These areas have been severely affected by the floods and rains. In such a critical situation, the Pakistan Army and the FC  continued rescue and rehabilitation operations on an emergency basis. They also provide relief to the affected people. Along with the relief activities, the victims were shifted to safe places.

Free medical camps have been organized by the Pakistan Army for sick people in remote areas. Pak Army, FC, PDMA, district administration, and other related institutions are providing full support to solve the problems of the people. Pak Army and FC are providing food and tents to the victims to speed up relief activities. Financial assistance and ration are also being given to the affected families, according to local traditions. Also, FC Balochistan North organized one-day free medical camps in different areas like QamaruddinKariz, SOS Children’s Village Quetta, and surrounding rural areas where Health facilities were provided. Qualified doctors examined hundreds of people. Free medicines were also provided to the patients. The medical camps aimed to provide free medicines to the rural population living away from health facilities, as well as providing free medical advice, treatment, and diagnosis. Gynecology patients were given special attention. Along with this, FC Hospital is already providing free medical facilities to all children and staff of SOS Children’s Village Quetta. More than 150 patients have been checked and provided free medicines. Now, this free medical camp will be established continuously quarterly. Medical scanning of children and staff including caretaker mothers will be done.

Furthermore, Pak Army Saved the lives of many people. People who consider it their first duty to save the lives of others are holy and honorable are these people. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an that the person who saves the life of a single person is as if he saved the entire humanity.

Writing more, the basic lesson of Islam is to help the needy, poor, and orphans. Allah Almighty has blessed human beings with different abilities and qualities, and this difference is the difference in this universe. A hadith of Muslim Sharif means that the person who is most beloved to Allah is the one who is most useful to His creatures, and those who are most loved by Allah in deeds. According to another hadith,  the Holy Prophet said that the best charity is to feed someone who is sick and hungry. Be sure to know that these are the soldiers of Allah who serve humanity with great zeal, for the pleasure of Allah Almighty, and protect the country and the nation from internal and external threats. Indeed, Pakistan Army is doing everything from ending terrorism in Balochistan province to establishing peace and harmony and serving humanity. Many friends say that is why I write so much about our forces. The point is that if there is a flood or earthquake, then the army is helping. If there is a corona epidemic, the army is on the front. If there is fear of unrest in the election, the army is there. We have to love the defender of the country and the nation. It is a divine order and a decree of Holy Prophet (PBUH).


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