VC SAU Dr. Mari asks students to prepare business ideas to restore economy

VC SAU Dr. Mari asks students to prepare business ideas to restore economy

HYDERABAD: Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Agriculture University has said, due to floods and rains, the economy and infrastructure of the country including Sindh have been severely affected, to emerge as a strong economic knowledge country, Pakistan will have to promote entrepreneurship, while students prepare their business Ideas to become entrepreneurs to deal with difficult situations.

 He was delivering the address at a one-day seminar under the title " How to submit winning idea to NIB 2022" at the university's senate hall, hosted by the Sindh Zarai Sciences Society in collaboration with the National Idea Bank (NIB) on Tuesday.

Dr. Fateh Marri said that various sectors of agriculture and technology together can open new avenues of development and prosperity for Pakistan; therefore the students of the university will develop various ideas including agriculture, food sciences, animal product technologies, poultry, dairy industry, and by-products and create entrepreneurship and employment opportunities, while actively participating in business plan competition to make the country self-sufficient instead of importing various agricultural commodities, including edible oil pulses.

Hassan Syed, founder of ASPIRE and National Idea Bank, said that Sindh is the founder comprehensive planning and perfect business ideas and civilized

civilization even 5 thousand years ago, he said that most of the ideas are due to circumstances and necessity. are born, and today's society faces many problems including food security, climate change, environment, so there are opportunities for rewards and investment for successful ideas.

Dr. Arifa Bhutto, Focal Person of Technology Incubation Center of Sindh University Jamshoro, said that National Ideas Bank is promoting new proposals in collaboration with academia, industry, government and society, in this context, they are working on ideas in 9 different sectors. , and from this year agriculture has also been included in the ideas, which will help the country to embark on a new path of development, he said, adding that the importance of technology according to the situation where losses have been suffered from disasters. And to ensure the success of new proposals to deal with current flood damage, the flow of usage also has to be ensured.

Pro Vice Chancellor of Umarkot Sub-Campus of Agriculture University and Patron of Sindh Agricultural Science Society Dr. John Muhammad Marri said positive use of technology should be promoted to deal with the problems, and students should understand self-employment projects, NIB Sindh. Dr. Bhai Khan Solangi, focal person of the University of Agriculture, said that the collaboration between the National Idea Bank, academia, government and industry aims to solve local problems using technology and innovation in business and governance models.

On this occasion, Dean Dr. Altaf Syal, Dean Dr. Syed Ghiyasuddin Shah Rashidi, Dean Dr. Manzoor Ali Abro, Dr. Shahnawaz Murri, Dr. Shaukat Ibrahim Abro, Dr. Ijaz Soomro, Dr. Imtiaz Nizamani, Dr. Aslam Bakiro, Dr. Bina Shah of Liaquat Medical University. , Dr. Shariq Anwar, Dr. Sikandar Munir, Dr. Mashuq Bhatti and others were also present. During the seminar, Sindh Agricultural University teachers, students, delegates from various universities also participated.


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