At 20, Ksenia Bubenko weighs only 20 pounds

Ksenia Bubenko

Anorexia is a scourge increasingly important in young girls. A Russian-born 20 years old girl after its controversial passage through a talk show in which she spoke of her drastic diet when she was just skin and bones.

At 20, Ksenia Bubenko weighs only 20 pounds. The young girl measuring 1m58 said, during her visit last month in a popular talk show in Russia, which she followed to the letter a very strict diet she calls “victory.”

A few days after the mailing of this issue, the Russian Internet has dropped on the canvas.

For them, this new trend that glorifies skinny girls is dangerous and disgusting.

The debate now raging between them and some young girl who call themselves “pro-anorexia” who continue to praise the behavior of Ksenia which however has the skin and bones.

Two weeks ago, Israel adopted a law prohibiting any parade of models deemed too thin.

More and more countries are willing to legislate on this glorification of thinness.


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