Didier Montalvo not a Turtle Child anymore; the 6-year-old enjoys a human form now

Didier Montalvo

Didier Montalvo, the famous Turtle Child, has now grown six years old. Born with a huge birthmark on his back, a congenital melanocytic nevus, this child gained the nickname “the turtle child” that not only brought the entire village to his poor parents’ house but charmed the International Media as well.

The parents of Didier, however, found it extremely hard to handle the situation as the highly unusual and kind of ugly turtle shell not only caused their son endless pain and uneasy feeling but the unattractiveness of this giant nevus, caused by severe itching in children, earned him huge rejection by the villagers in this Colombian region.

Being too poor, the parents were not in a position to offer Didier Montalo a surgery but later on, donations started to pour in from surrounding villages; as his story became public and started to gain popularity beyond local borders.

Meanwhile, it was an English physician Dr. Neil Bulstrode, who finally gave Didier a human form by removing the nevi from his back, as he had done to  dozens of children in past; helping them get rid of their respective nevus.

Dr. Neil, however, admitted that the shell Didier Montalvo was born with happened to be the biggest one he had ever seen before. “This is the worst I’ve seen in my life,” said the doctor in a documentary that aired on Britain’s Channel 4 adding, “because of the size and volume of the lesion, three-quarters of the circumference of his body was touched. Often, nevi are flatter and easier to care for.” Didier has now regained a normal life.


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