Energy Sector Should Follow Telecommunication Model: Noman Saigal

Noman Saigal

KARACHI: Chairman Standing Committee on Communication (FPCCI) Former Minister Information Technology, Health and Environment Muhammad Noman Saigal said the Telecommunication Sector had a worst history than energy sector 15 years back. Getting one telephone connection used to be nightmare, used to take months to get one telephone connection but now with the help of private sector there are over 100 millions phones all over the country. Similar revolution can bring a drastic change in the energy sector. We might not be needing the favor of KESC or any relevant energy sector company if the business community focus on establishing private ventures using Wind Turbines, Solar as well as Hydro Electrical Power Generation System. Energy consumption has raised all over the world but the production also enhanced as per requirement using all the options including Green Energy, Nuclear and Hydel because they have their commitment as per the constitution of their country. Unfortunately in Pakistan inspite of alternative energy board and other relevant organizations no improvement has taken place; why we pay tax? To get all the utilities and facilities in the country. But the electric supply has gone bad to worse. Now it is high time to follow the Telecommunication Model which was adopted over 15 years back and resolve the issue of Telecommunication industry. The business community instead of paying heavy bills to KESC should invest and establish Power Plants on private level including Wind mills and Solar Energy to get rid of energy crises and KESC at the same time, the department will learn the lesson when they have no consumer. The investors should also focus on supplying electricity to the public sector and get rid of unprofessional organizations like KESC for good. This step will lead to a drastic improvement in the economy of the country. The revolution can change the status of Pakistan like China. Instead of begging all the time now the people of Pakistan have to decide once in for all. Let us join hands together and beat the energy crises by the public revolution which is the only option to save the country. As the business community has always supported the country since 1947 and if we could manage to establish the structure of energy sector, we can lead the world.


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