Growing Inflation and its Social Implications

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In Pakistan, we often see people talking about a change, a revolution and a miracle. But, have we ever thought about the beggar lady who spends the day on the pavement trying to gather money for a glass of milk for her infant but fails doing so when the day ends? Have we ever thought about the taxi driver that sweats himself through the month and finds that he is bearing a loss at the end? Have we ever thought of a clerk who has spent his life serving the country faithfully but couldn’t succeed getting his daughter into university? Well..! Gathering in mobs and raising slogans for a change is good but radical measures need to be taken to fight the menaces too.

Inflation has been the root cause of all the heart rending issues listed above. Now, inflation refers to an elevation in the general price level. However, in Pakistan, the meaning of inflation is not that simple. Its roots dig deep down into the society and it has been supported well by other social evils to accomplish the perfect combination.

We always allege political regimes and military coups to be responsible for this inflation but we have never thought that we play the most important part in elevation the level of inflation. Black marketing is what we are known for. All the industrialists, stock brokers, middle men and even the wholesalers and retailers are having their knees deep into the evil of black marketing. As soon as they expect the demand for a thing to be on a rise, the stock the commodity illegally and create an artificial but huge price hiking. Perfect example in the recent can be that of rice and sugar and we also observe this every year before the arrival of Ramadan and Eids. No doubt that the big fish are responsible for the most, but even a common man does not refrain from playing its part in the ever-getting-taller monster of inflation. Some of other reasons for the growing inflation are nepotism and corruption because they are a sheer murder of merit and inflation results when incompetent and corrupt people take seats, inflation erupts due to the awful governance and decision making.

Inflation has been inflicting deepest social implications in our society. The grave implications are quite enough to sweat our temples once we think of coming future in this context. Today, the middle class has nearly vanished; rich have been getting richer which the poor are being thrashed miles below the poverty line. A common man can afford doing a single thing, feed the family or get his children educated, pay the utility bills or get a piece of cloth after two years, arrange dowry for his twenty five year old daughter or get the medicines for his wife dying of asthma. At every single step, this nation has to make choices and compromises. It not only has been crippling us financial but the economy overall has deteriorated and national poverty is a consequence which leads us going begging to other countries for funds to eliminate menaces. We have lost our self respects nationally and individually, the implications of inflation have sickened us mentally. A common man has forgotten the meanings of words like recreation and entertainment. All he thinks of is that where is the next meal coming from?

It is high time that we realize the gravity of the situation and be the first drop of rain to alleviate inflation. All it needs is honesty, dedication and sincerity. If adopted collectively, these virtues can see us knocking inflation out and taking our country to a respectful status across the global horizons.


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