There some lucky people, who never get sick, how? Secrets revealed


In winter, some emerge victorious against viruses of colds, sore throat, or flu. An American journalist went in search of their secrets.

The name of Gene Stone certainly tells you anything. Health reporter at Los Angeles Times, he followed all the advice he lavished his doctors not to get sick during the winter, without success.

At the same time, he observed that some passed through the winter without even the slightest sore throat or runny nose. “Why people are they able to withstand the virus? How are they different? Do they know something that the doctors do not know?” he wondered.

Thus was born his book, Secrets of people who never get sick (ed. Michel Lafon), a bestseller translated into 22 languages.


People who never get sick are not little or genetically different. They are, in fact, an active attitude towards their health. They take the simple steps to prevent the virus when run without live a hygienist to boost their immune system continuously.

They choose to pay attention to their diet, eating little, that is to say, a little less than their hunger, cooking fresh, whole foods as often as possible, and drink plenty of warm fluids non-alcoholic.

They play sports (weightlifting, running, stretch in and yoga), respect theirsleep and promote relaxation, even take a short nap if they feel the need.

They also rely on plants, garlic and Echinacea head, yeast, vitamins (mainly vitamin C) and probiotics.

Above all, the people who never get sick have a positive attitude towards the stress they are able to control. They have friends, a social life, even spiritual.

According to Gene Stone, all these choices contribute to a more robust immune system. “I was sick three or four times a year, and since I came to this research, I have not been ill,” and said Gene Stone on the American television channel, ABC News, October 1, 2011.


These tips do they have a scientific basis? Can we really avoid getting sick? “It is quite possible, meets Professor Marc Gentilini, a member of the Academy of Medicine. Some, for their lives, protect and are not sick. If you are good immune status, ready for defense in a benign environment as you take basic measures, such as washing your hands often, you will correctly winter.”

But no need to isolate microbes to escape, “this attitude is incompatible with modern life,” said Dr. Gentilini.


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