The Perfect Haircut for Your Face

Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

A haircut becomes perfect when it complements your face shape so that your face looks its best. The first step towards getting a haircut is to figure out what your face shape is. The best way to do that is to get a draw and erase marker, stand in front of a mirror, tie your hair away from your face and draw the outline of your face. Once you’ve figured out your face shape the next step is to get the hairstyle that works best for it. Here are some haircut ideas for different face shapes.

Round Face

Having a round face means that your jaw is about the same width as your forehead. People with round face think that they can’t have a bob or any other short haircut because it’ll make their face look rounder but that’s not really the case. Because, if you wear your hair down to the sides then it’s kind of slashing off each end and you’re left with a narrow, oval looking face, which is actually pretty ideal. To avoid exaggerating a round face shape you wouldn’t want to get a haircut in which layers are coming towards the face. Instead, have the layers go down or away from the face to get the best out of a round face shape. Side swept bangs also help to elongate face shapes that are round. This also diverts attention towards the eyes.

Square face

For a square face you want to avoid pixie cuts, short haircuts or the haircuts that add volume to the forehead. The length of the haircut should be a little below the jaw so that the jaw line is broken up and minimized. For square face layered and long bangs swept to the side, falling at the cheek bone area help to soften the angularity. Never wear short bangs on a square face shape as this will harden the lines that you already have, that we’re trying to soften.

Square face

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Heart shaped face

Heart shaped face has an angular and pointy chin and the rest of the face is pretty much oval. Layers and waves are great for this face shape. Also, layers coming at the face work very well and they are extremely flattering. If you have a heart shaped face, then wearing your bangs off-center or swept to the side, can take away from a narrow chin. Don’t wear blunt bangs on a heart shaped face as this will widen your forehead area and create off balance from the narrow chin area.

Oval face shape

Oval face is the most ideal face shape that a person can have. People with oval face can pull of any haircut or hairstyle. Oval face shapes can wear any bang style they choose. The most flattering bang style is that the bangs fall just below the brow bone, because this gives a soft balance that helps the bone structure of an oval face shape stand out on its own.

This article was written by Rida Maqbool and contributed by Lubna Ali Khan.


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