Nargis Fakhri and Kalki Koechlin: From enemies to friends?

Nargis Fakhri and Kalki Koechlin

Fights, conflicts, disagreements are all a part of life but when all these things happen in the Bollywood Industry, they sure as hell do get a lot of publicity and stage to take out their anger and frustration which is closely watched and recorded by the ever ready media and paparazzi. Similarly, the cat fight between Nargis Fakhri and Kalki Koechlin was watched with great enthusiasm by the media. Shockingly, the two are now making up to each other on their differences and are patching up? Well, it clearly seems as the two were seen hanging out at a recent event held in Singapore.

A source stated, “As they were staying in the same hotel, they also caught up for breakfast together. Though they knew of each other, this was actually the first time they met in Singapore. Nargis enjoyed chatting with Kalki and both seemed to be having a great time.” A similar patch-up of two people in Bollywood were Kareena Kapoor and Priyanaka Chopra and now this? Seems so that a “cat fight” trend might just get started with all these “startovers.”

Maybe they have realized that in order to survive they need to consolidate even with their enemies when it comes to Bollywood.


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