MQM’S decision to resign from assemblies

MQM resigns from Parliament

Today the entire Media was Abuzz with the news of MQM’s resignations from National and Sindh Provincial Assemblies. It was dubbed as the greatest story of the day. In all 25 National Assembly, and 51 Provincial Assembly members tendered resignation in the Speaker’s chambers. They were all present. Farooq Sattar delivered a harangue in the National Assembly.

It was expected for quite some time that MQM would act in such a manner to build up pressure on the respective governments. MQM has been raising its voice against the Ranger’s operation in Karachi. Its leader issued scathing and insinuating speeches against the security forces. PEMRA and High Command took action to ban his speeches. He lamented against it and cried foul and curbing the freedom of expression.

A Political Storm has been stirred which has fizzled out in a short time. Shortly after submitting speech on the floor of the House, Farooq Sattar led his party’s members to the Speaker’s Chamber. The resignations were tendered, question asked and accepted.

Federal Government kept complete silence over this development. No efforts were made to dissuade MQM from this move. Rather were encouraged to commit political suicide. Farooq Sattar alleged that Karachi Operation was directed to benefit PTI. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders refuted his allegation as non serious talk and a pressure tactics. Imran Khan said MQM’s resignation were to save the “Target Killers”. Whereas PTI’s resignations were against “Rigging” in the elections;” very well said Mr. Khan.

The battle was fought between the two narratives. Government anti-State Stance Narrative and the Victim Narrative put forward by MQM. The first narrative painted MQM a rogue, criminal enterprise. The second narrative presented MQM as the Victim Party. It will go on indefinitely.

In violation of PEMRA Rules Kamran Shahid the host of On the Front Program brought Altaf Hussain and let him reiterate his stand and viewpoint against the government and Ranger’s Operation in Karachi. It was pointless and misguided rhetoric. He said the Parliament is supposed to solve problems. MQM has been targeted by the security forces. He charged Nisar Ali Khan for breaking the promise to appoint “Monitoring Committee”. The questions asked by the anchor were absurd and disappointing. He said injustice is done to my party. Extra judicial killings of our workers have been carried out. Nine Zero was raided twice and criminals were brought there to malign the party.

“I have no links with any criminal. If found out criminals within the party ranks they are thrown out. We have zero tolerance policy against the criminals.”

He said all political parties have criminals in their fold. Only MQM is single out and its workers are arrested, detained and murdered, then their dead bodies shifted to Edhi’s morgue. Give information on our missing workers. At least we could know that they are dead.

To sum up today’s Political development I think the fair analysis would be to call it MQM’s blunder as it is irreversible action and it has boom ranged (back fired). It is terrible and will have political consequences for the Party. Its future is quite bleak and its divisive politics has finished. It will be confined to Nine Zero (90) with a sign board saying “Here lays dead body of MQM”.

Tomorrow will be another day and intrigues will start. This is the political spectrum of Pakistan. We have to live with it unless the government shows political will.


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