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General Sher Mohammad Karimi

General Sher Muhammad Karimi, chief of staff of the Afghan National Army, said in an interview that war with Taliban could be “over in weeks” with Pakistan’s help. On talking about Pakistan and Taliban he said, “The leadership of Taliban is in Pakistan. So Pakistan should to take action and convince them for dialogue”.

It is a good sign that General Sher Muhammad Karimi is willing to negotiate and desired to ceasefire through table talk. But the problem is not only to Pakistan. As all know, USA launched offensive operations in Afghanistan and also in tribal areas of Pakistan on the name of “war against terror” after the incident of 9/11. Pakistan is America’s best ally and has also supported in cold war against Russia.

Similarly, Pakistan took part in war against terror. According to international law, Pakistan is bound to not allow using its territory against other country. But the government of that regime not only to allow America to use its land for military operation but also provided its economic and military assistance. Pakistan took all these bold steps for the peace and prosperity of the region. It proves Pakistan is a peaceful country and can sacrifice its best for peace.

But in this tri-fight Pakistan had to suffer a great loss. Its Economic has completely collapsed and Pakistanis had to face energy crises, unemployment and inflation. On one side, terrorism, sabotage, sectarian violence has destroyed the peace.  A large number of civilians were victimized by the terrorist’s acts revenge.  And on other side, Drone attacks are made life difficult for Pakistani citizens. Indeed drone attacks are attacked on Pakistan’s sovereignty. No doubt thousands of innocent were killed and hundreds were disabled in these “Drone war”. Dozens of patriot and peaceful citizens are forced to live in camps for away their homes. Now slogans are being raised in the houses of Pakistan against American aggression. All provisional assemblies have submitted a resolution to newly elected government of Pakistan to stop the Drone attacks in Pakistan tribal areas.  In this scenario, Due to US stubbornness, anti-America enmity is increasing day by day. Firm and immediate steps should take to cease the drone strikes by US.

American economic, political and administrative structure is affected badly in this war and cannot carry this burden further. Now the strategic landscape has changed.  It’s the time that USA should stop aggressive activities. US is facing two strong and stable competitors  in the region. It should be take in mind that China and Iran are well positioned and progressed countries. They can provide a great help in capital investment, infrastructure, medical and science, technology and grant to Pakistan. Thus USA must recognize its position and change its strategies.

Pakistan and Afghan governments also should change their policies for the welfare of the three nations and find the solution of all problems according to their aspirations. Americans, Pakistanis and afghan all are well enlightened and peace lovers. They appeal to their governments to ask the extremists for dialogue. Because war is not the solution, take the nations in confidence and make implementing way for the peace process. Call non-combatants for negotiations and take immediate, irrevocable and strict actions against radicals or extremist (who refuse to negotiate and involved in sabotage and terrorist activities).

To adopt the mutual complementary strategy, these friends (Pakistan, Afghanistan and America) resolve differences and can establish Sustainable atmosphere of love, brotherhood, peace and harmony among their nations and all over the World.

The writer is a journalist based in Lahore who works for City42 and The Lahore Times.


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