North South Korean Conflict

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un

There is an imminent threat of war between North and South Korea. North has threatened south if it does not stop anti North Korea Propaganda broadcasts. North Korean Minister said, the country’s military and civil leadership was ready to go to war to safeguard its regime and rejected the call for restraint by China.

North Korean Ambassador at UNO reiterated Pyongyang’s threat of “Strong military counter action’ if the South Korean broadcasts did not stop. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon appealed to the Koreans not to take any action that could escalate the tensions.

The United States which maintains a large number of troops in South Korea said it had resumed Joint military exercises after a halt to coordinate with Seoul after the shelling from North Korea. China has asked both sides to remain Calm. United States of America is also deeply concerned by the North’s offensive. And called on North to cease provocation on the “Demilitarized Zone” and restore peace in the Peninsula. In light of the growing tensions the U.S close out and reaffirmed the commitment to defending South Korea against any aggression.

South Korea is said to meet its counterpart from North Korea in a bid to halt hostilities. Both the nations have agreed talks to save off looming military clash, Kim Lung Un the communist nation’s dictator issued the threat earlier after telling its troops to be fully prepared for war.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is inching close to the brink of a war, due to reckless provocations made by the South Korean military war hawks.

North Korea will demand that the broadcasts be cut, and they may even come to impasse on that issue. The main issue of tension and escalation of rhetoric is the use of anti-North Korea propaganda. It seems silly but this is the reality.


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