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Shabby chic is a design trend that incorporates a worn-out but comfortingly beautiful aesthetic style into art. Originating from the English Countryside with worn-out look and faded furniture, Shabby chic decoration has come to refer to a stylish blend of the old and new; the result is an elegant balance of the vintage and contemporary decoration. They are characterized by muted and soft colors like faded green, light grey, and pale pink. Its goal is to create a cozy and rustic ambiance with the use of vintage and antique items.

Although shabby chic decoration makes heavy use of worn and old items, it most often features a heavy use of wall arts. Vintage and antique items are limited and cannot alone perfect the rustic ambiance of shabby chic design. Many wall arts are inspired by shabby chic with their soft, muted and, at times, monochromatic colors. Shabby chic wall arts are often rustic paintings fitting into the surrounding antique ambiance.

ElephantStock, an online art store, has some of the best and excellently curated wall arts. Below are some excellently executed ElephantStock art prints in shabby chic style

Parisian Flowers III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Parisian Flowers is a classic shabby chic paint with very muted colors on pale brown background. It has all the trappings of Victorian Era arts hence providing that unique vintage feel that’s common with shabby chic decor

Meet Me at Le Cafe II Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

The Meet Me at Le Cafe II channels prominent qualities of shabby chic decoration. It is a fine rendition of a painting of a worn-out wooden wall on which an old bicycle rests again. It evokes the sense of a simple, country-side life.

Springtime Bloom Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Floral patterns are quintessential shabby chic decoration, in reference to old earthenwares. Generally, shabby chic decoration does not make use of bold and colors. The floral pattern is perhaps where it comes closest incorporating bright colors, even though they still quite muted.

Carte De Visite Bird Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Pale green is a classic color of shabby chic decor. The Carte De Visite Bird Wall Art is a painting that evokes some the gentility of 18th century Europe. It fittingly complements its pristine surrounding.

Antique Chest Drawer Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A clear representation of the worn-out and thread-bare signature of Shabby Chic decoration. The Antique Chest Draw Canvas Wall Art is really well detailed, showing the effect of age on the chest with peeled-off pale white painting.

Wooden Drawers Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A lot of shabby chic painting tends to be a vivid representation of old furniture that exemplifies the unique look and feel of shabby chic furniture. Even though they are not actual furniture, they are useful in creating the ambiance of shabby chic decoration. The Wooden Drawers Canvas Art is a fine example of this.


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